Stocks Market Categories Every Investor Should Know

בתאריך 24 יוני, 2021

Stocks are one of the most lucrative and interesting types of investment. But at the same time, it involves a lot of risk factors.

Stocks Market Categories Every Investor Should Know

Stocks are one of the most lucrative and interesting types of investment. But at the same time, it involves a lot of risk factors. A simple step takes at the wrong time or in the wrong direction can cost a lot. So in order to avoid all these things, careful understanding of stocks is very important. A Stock Market Advisory helps you understand the stock market from the very basic. They also help you learn about the different categories of stocks which are:


  • Income stocks- Income stock is an equity security snd it gives the highest returns to the investors. It is the most popular stock among investors as it contains the least risk and is likely to be very less volatile. Most of the income stocks are from large companies in which a large portion of the profit is given to the shareholders instead of reinvesting them in the company. Income stocks are found in sectors that are most stable in nature such as food, energy, utilities, financial institutions, natural resources, real estate, etc.
  • Penny Stocks- Penny stocks are usually issued by startups and small companies in order to raise capital for expanding or establishing the business. Penny stocks are considered to be highly risky as most of the companies are just startups and not successful. Stock market services are a good way to learn about penny stocks and how to purchase them.
  • Speculative stocks- These stocks are issued by startup companies or well-developed companies venturing into launching new products or technologies. These stocks also carry high risk as most of the companies are startups and the products being launched have not been tested. Which often leads to unsuccessful investment.
  • Growth stocks- Growth stocks are issued by successful companies as well as small companies in order to make money to invest in the growth of the company. High dividends are not being paid off by growth stocks. One can get a growth stock from any stock Market Advisory company.
  • Cyclical stocks- The value of cyclical stocks increases when the economy of the country is in a good position but it decreases when the economy drops. These stocks are often released by companies that offer luxury discretionary services and goods such as airline companies, manufacturing companies, sales companies, etc. These stocks lose a good amount of financial value during economically tough times. However, they can regain or in some cases, passes the previous value once the economy gets back to normal or increases the value.
  • Value stocks- In some cases when a company has assets whose worth is more than the worth of the stocks it is called a value stock. These stocks have always been undervalued by the investors as they believe that the value of the stock will increase once the situation of the company develops.
  • Defensive stocks- Stocks of vital services such as food, healthcare, and fuel are considered defensive stocks. These kinds of stocks are immune to any economical crisis, financial slumps, or profits. The demand for these stocks increases during the bad phase of the country’s economy. A stock market advisory company provides these stocks.


Stocks are the most common form of investment and also helps in making a fortune when invested wisely by knowing about all kinds of stocks and their valuation that keeps on changing. Knowing about different categories of stocks will surely help one understand the stock market in detail.  But it is always advised to know the stock market from Stock Market Services company as they are professionals and know the stock world better than anyone. For an investor being smart and alert will surely help them gain profit from the stock market.

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