Simple Tips to Moisturize Your Skin in the Best Possible Way

בתאריך 15 ינואר, 2020

Moisturizing the skin isn't a difficult task if you know the right way to do so. You just need to know the right time and method to apply a body moisturizer.

Simple Tips to Moisturize Your Skin in the Best Possible Way

It's not normal for your skin to look dry, rather it means your body isn't getting enough moisturization. A number of reasons are responsible for skin dryness, and using a moisturizer is the best solution to this problem. We advise you to purchase a top-quality body moisturizer from Zohoor Alreef, and since we do most of our daily life works with our hands, don't forget to purchase a Secret Hand Cream as well. Using a branded moisturizer can help you get rid of skin dryness, but you should know how to use it.

Let's explore the right time and the right way to apply a body moisturizer in order to fix dry skin.

Face (morning and evening)

Our face is undoubtedly the most important body part and you need to purchase a separate moisturizer for your face. Just pick up the most suitable face moisturizer from all available alternatives in the market. Assuming that you have a top-quality face moisturizer, now it's time to know how to use it.

You are required to wash your face with lukewarm water every time before applying the product. Once you've washed your face and cleaned it with a towel, apply an ample amount of lotion/cream on your face. Now spread it all over the face using the first three fingers of both your hands. To get the most satisfying results, follow the procedure once in the morning and once in the evening.

Hand (before going to bed)

Considering that we do most of our daily work with our hands, it's not a bad idea to purchase a Secret Hand Cream to keep them smooth and moisturized. Apply the cream on your hands before going to bed as you won't be using them much at that time. Your hands need a little more, i.e. you need to avoid using poor quality soaps as they cause dryness.

Body (after the shower)

Basically, moisturizing your body once every day using an appropriate product is enough to get good results. Applying a moisturizer all over your body just after taking a shower provides excellent results. Using hot water for the shower is never a good idea, instead, you should take a bath in lukewarm water. Similar to the face, you need to let your skin become damp before applying the lotion. Don't forget to put an extra amount of cream on such body parts that are remarkably rough and dry.


Simple Tips to Moisturize Your Skin in the Best Possible Way
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