Here’s How To Get Your Wedding Prep Right

בתאריך 28 אפריל, 2022

A successful wedding is made up of many components, including the venue, catering, music, decors, flowers and photographer. Here’s how to get it right.

Here’s How To Get Your Wedding Prep Right

Having a wedding is beautiful but can be stressful. Make a list, a few wedding DJs, a few venues, a few caterers and a few photographers. Make the list in order of importance, which probably includes setting the right date and finding the perfect venue, and then slowly, or quickly, work your way through the list. You can go and see a few venues, and negotiate prices, until you are totally happy with your decision. You can meet a few wedding DJs, learn about what they do, talk about the music and the dancing, and then make a decision. Chat to one or two photographers and then book one of them, chat to one or two decor experts and flower companies, and make all the right decisions to ensure a fabulous wedding.

Stress and weddings

Ask any bride and they will say how stressed they are before a wedding. Finding a DJ for hire, finding the perfect venue, and finding the excellent caterers, all that fit within your budget, can be tricky. But ask any event planner and they will say that the trick to not getting stressed, even though everyone does anyway, is to be well organised and to be well organised in advance. This goes back to the idea of making a list, or even a spreadsheet, and working your way through it, methodically. Start planning well in advance, get references from friends who have already got married, and do your homework. Visit venues, meet caterers, try the different menus, listen to a DJs music, look at pics of floral bouquets, and make decisions based on good research. You can alleviate a lot of stress if you plan your wedding really well.

Weddings and invites

Once you have a date set, start working on the wedding invites and on your wedding list. If you are having a night-time wedding, book the right kind of music. If you are having a daytime music, do you still want dancing? Probably, as weddings are always celebrations. The time of the wedding will help you make loads of decisions, as will the venue. If the venue is a beautiful garden, you may not need loads of extra flowers. If the wedding is in a stunning restaurant, the decor will more than likely be magnificent already. Take into account your budget, at all times, sticking to your budget, and planning accordingly. A wedding, like any event, does take a lot of planning. Plan well, and you will be fine.

What about the dress?

Trust us when we say the bride is thinking about her wedding dress way before the wedding invites. Of course she is, a wedding is something most women dream about from a young age. Again, plan carefully, do research, find the wedding dress of your dreams and just make sure it is a dress that is beautiful but also comfortable and one that a bride can dance in. And saying that, practice your wedding dance and rehearse this with wedding DJs, if possible.

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