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Demonetization - Indian Economy demonetizing almost 97% of currency in circulation. Its causes, benefits and efficacy summarized into one.

Strategy Audit - Insurance Industry USA

A strategy audit of insurance industry in USA particularly the external factors. And the steps involved in a strategy audit right from External Factors to Evaluation & Control.

How we Prospered

By: Runique
This is a short story that exaggerates the separation between introvert and extrovert human beings. It is about a tribe that shuns the thinkers, the artists and the reserved among themselves, and hunt them and feast on them.

Spears through High Morals

By: Runique
This is a short story that explores the mind of a genius man striving to find meaningful human connection as he drowns into his own narcissism.

Polyandry: A custom or survival in Himalayas

The article traces the reasons behind the custom of Polyandry in the Himalayan region particularly in India.

A little bit more about Clickiri

Clickiri pioneered the concept of performance marketing and we go further than any other network in sharing knowledge, connections and analysis to increase sales and grow your business.

Satya Nand Stokes

An American who changed the destiny of a small town and then the entire state in India.

Tattapani - A Tragic Termination

An article about a tiny tourist place in a hill state which submerged because of a hydroelectric project.

A Good Mentor

A good mentor is always willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise. They always understand your fear and help you overcome them.

Is Ethnic Conflict inevitable?

The article tries to explain how ethnic conflicts originated and have been an integral part of human known history. The article aims to address the different factors that give rise to ethnic conflict. The possibility of eliminating ethnic conflict is also brought into discussion.

Travel Diaries

An extract from a travel in the past

Self made entrepreneur

Decorated with a crown of success, Ms. Karen has beaten all the odds to emerge as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century. 15 years ago, nobody would have looked at her and imagined of the prominence she was about to gain. Born in a well of family, few would have imagined that she would get out of the comfort zone to build an empire for herself. Regardless of the fact that most ri...

Creative Idea:How to Create Facebook Ads With Emails List

Creative Idea:How to Create Facebook Ads With Emails List

What social media marketing rules you must not break?

What social media marketing rules you must not break?

What social media marketing rules you must not break?

social media rules you must not break

3-1/2 Stories and Insights that will Help Freelancers and Company Owners

You may ask “What’s the ½ story?” For that you’ll need to read to the end

How to Know When You're Ready for Dating After Divorce

This article was written for the divorce blog of an auction website for jewelry. It provides the reader with practical tips for deciding when to date again after a divorce.

Russian Rosneft sells 15% from Vankorneft to Indian ONGC Videsh

This news article was written as my assignment.


Traduire pour se faire comprendre.

Don't count on luck

Founder/CEO:Don't count on luck when it comes to your important asset.
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