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Embark On A Fruitful Career With Big Data Hadoop Training In Bangalore

Hadoop is popular and has been around a while and this forms the basis for Big Data. The market for Big Data is huge and CAGR predict a growth of 58.2% in the 2013-2020 periods. The government agencies are also adopting Hadoop because it is open source with distributed capabilities of computing.

Javascript job task

This is not typical javascript problem, this is a part from one job interview application where are combined mathematics and arrays. I like problem solving and because of that write it here.

3 Critical SEO Tasks That Produce Immediate Results

Like traditional SEO, local optimization is a long-term campaign that can take some time before revealing significant results. That said, there are certain things that you can do to realize improvements in search rankings almost immediately. Here are three major local SEO activities that can help bring instant results;

Mirrorless System - Is it for you?

This blog will cover all aspects relating to mirrorless camera technology so you could decide whether it suits your needs & requirements.

What Do You Know about HTML5 Mobile App Development?

No doubt HTML5 is chosen because of the reduced development cost and complexities over native technologies. When implemented by skilled developers, it’s not difficult to apply HTML5 to enterprise app development too.


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