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GPS-aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN)

There are many kinds of GPS used worldwide, such as GPS/GNSS/Galileo/Beidou. GPS is most popular worldwide, GNSS is mainly used in Russia, while Galileo is well known in Europe, Beidou is widely used in China.

What is Captive Portal?

So what is captive portal? A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi network before they are granted broader access to network resources.

Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

Nowadays dual band Wi-Fi is a popular word. In wireless networking, dual-band equipment is capable of transmitting in either of two different standard frequency ranges.

VRRP Function on Industrial Grade Router

VRRP is a selection protocol that dynamically assigns the responsibilities of a virtual router to one of the VRRP routers on the LAN.

The Best Locations to Place Your CCTV Cameras at Home

There is no dissenting from the fact that imposters and thieves are roaming out there who are possibly a threat to both personal as well as public property.

Wann immer Sie eine Umzugsfirma in Berlin brauchen

Eine Umzugsfirma in Berlin ist nur so gut wie Ihre Belegschaft. Entsprechend legen wir Wert auf Teamspirit, gute Ausbildung und faire Bezahlung.

5 Easy Tips For Keyword Research To Rank Your Amazon Products

Amazon FBA Businesses have a big advantage over other market places. In FBA, Amazon does most of the job from storing your products in their warehouse to shipping it to your customer while you focus on the advertising part. 

Magellan GPS Update

By: IT
Magellan GPS Update gives guidance to users so they reach their destination in zero time. It navigates the best route available for you along with their safety notifications. Magellan GPS is a well-known reputed brand. Also, it ranks on top of the leading GPS brands devices. Therefore, Magellan GPS Update enables you to access the new roads new business addresses or make aware of the traffic si...

How-to-install-rand-mcnally-dock ?

By: IT
Rand McNally Dock is an application developed to assist the management of its GPS devices. Also, it is free of cost desktop application. Therefore, it is a medium which helps the effective functioning of its GPS devices from a single location. Above all, it has user-friendly you can use the user guide for your device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security – A complete Security for your Mobile Devices

By: IT
In today’s scenario, securing just your computer device is not enough. As mobile devices have become an important part of our day to day life. Also, it contains lots of our personal information which is required to get protected. Hence, Bitdefender has introduced “Bitdefender Mobile Security”. This will provide its customers with a better and safer device using experience.

Webroot filtering extension for Chrome | Webroot Support

By: IT
With the increasing use of the internet, online threats are also increasing hand in hand. Visiting an unknown, malicious or dangerous website is one of the common reasons behind threats attacking the device and data. To keep you and your device protected, Webroot SecureAnywhere comes up with “Webroot Filtering Extension”. This extension can be added to your internet browsers to protect your dev...

Norton Safe Web | Keep your online Activities Safe

By: IT
Norton Safe Web is a no-cost online reputation service. This service is designed to help users in discovering malicious websites and to fight from online threats including viruses, malware, phishing, etc. Using automated analysis and user feedbacks, Norton delivers this information to the users. Also, it uses Symantec’s Remote URL Reputation Service. Norton updates this service after a specific...

Garmin sat nav – A Complete Guide | GPS Navigation

By: IT
Garmin Sat Nav is a navigation device which depends on satellites for the information. They are reliable and full-featured navigators. Garmin navigators have cutting-edge technology including Bluetooth-hands free calling and voice-activated navigation service. These navigators have a customer-friendly interface that provides simple menu options and easy-to-read maps. Garmin Sat Nav helps you to...

Cardboard Box Manufacturers Always In Demand!

By: bc box
The cardboard box manufacturers ensure that the materials they use are of the best quality. The cardboard box manufacturers that are popular and well established especially pay more attention to the material used and the technology adopted by them.

Anyone, anywhere can now get a 212 area code

What's a territory code extremely worth nowadays, at any rate? For the vast majority, it's only three numbers you tap into your telephone once and never reconsider. 

5 Must-haves to automate your Magento Store

Implementing Magento development services for your e-store will provide you much better results. Just make sure to use this data with consistent approach.

Wireless range extender for home network

A Wi-Fi extender is meant to extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network. It works by extending the Wi-Fi signal, amplifying it and then boosting the signals. A Wi-Fi extender as the name suggests extend the signals from the wireless router. It acts as bridge between the Wi-Fi router and a wireless device which is outside the range of the Wi-Fi router signals.

Advantages of ASP.Net Framework

In the technological era, the competition of staging up with the innovations for the customers is becoming a usual practice.

Anatomy of virtual phone number

the virtual telephone number will enable you to address the issues of your staff individuals while additionally broadening the range of your business. 

4G DTU Functions – E-Lins Technology

The 4G DTU encapsulates the PHCP dial-up protocol and the TCP/IP stack and has an embedded operating system.
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