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3 Tips to Market your ICO

By: jack jef
A lot of large companies and startups are involving them in the Cryptocurrency Industry and reaping the benefits that it brings to them. Even though ICO seems like it just made an introduction to the industry, many technologists, investors and industry enthusiasts have already made the most of the ICO. ICOs are very much rewarding and seem to be increasingly prevalent in the near future as more...

Support of XTENSA (Tensilica) SW and FW developers

New offline profiler for XTENSA processors provides deep trace file analysis.

Dubai General Business License

The activities of a general business license include the export, import or trade of goods such as clothes, household appliances, furniture, and electronic products. Those who want to do wholesale business must have a general business license.

The need for speed – why Project duration is “only the symptom”

.After all, projects don’t stand for themselves, they are a representation of everything that is superior or inferior in the organization, everything that is superior or inferior in... us . To shorten projects, look for those things that prevent fast, flawless, streamlined execution.

Intelligent Apps? What is that really and how it is a Future Technology- Thinkwik

The technology is evolving rapidly, from the 1998 Symbian operating system, now discontinued, to the Android Pie and iOS 11. Apps and operating systems are upgrading almost every month now. This is an era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so why should not the apps use the latest technology and high-class products! With this thought, the conception of intelligent apps took place....

Tips On Choosing the Right Packers and Movers

It is you that has to take proper care in hiring the Packers and movers in Faridabad. The forthcoming points will assist you choose the right packers and movers.

Top Considerations When Choosing the Removalist

Moving from one place to another place becomes horrible if you did not choose the right removalist company.

Hire The Services That Are Reliable And Reasonable Both

The Packers and Movers in Supaul will never disappoint you in any manner and there is nothing to bother once you have hired its services. Till date there are many people who have hired the services and in future as well there are many who will surely hire the services.

Safe Relocation With Packers And Movers

Manual relocation is really hectic specially when there is a lot of luggage. Then it becomes really important to hire the packers and movers in Khagaria who will help you to relocate at any place.

What are the Different Types of Leave & Attendance Policy and How do they Affect any Business?

By: factoHR
Every organization needs a leave management system policy that is tailored to its need and culture. There are also statutory rules from the government that need to be taken into consideration. A good leave policy is simple, easy to administer, fair to all employees and compliant with the statutory requirements.

What are the Benefits of Automating a Payroll Software System?

By: factoHR
Businesses had assumptions that Excel is simple to use, everybody knows to use Excel, easily suits the company requirement, etc. They felt that Excel was the most preferred way for payroll software processing.

4 Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based HRMS Software - factoHR

By: factoHR
Cloud-based HRMS Software empowers HR professionals and employees to access the software anytime, anywhere. HR department can manage all its HR operations efficiently. A manager can approve/disapprove attendance and leave applications, manage employee details, can authorize the system through which he defines which modules are accessible to the employees.

The Best HR and Payroll Software Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement

By: factoHR
Every company wants to excel and improve their operations and overall productivity. To achieve this objective, many companies tend to invest their majority of time and money for better solutions. Hence, there is an ever-increasing demand for solutions that simplify your HR operations & payroll process and at the same time increases their productivity and Return On Investment (ROI). This is wher...

Gaining Productivity with Performance Management Software

By: factoHR
Performance management essentially involves measuring, reporting and managing progress in order to improve performance at an individual and organization level. When properly designed and implemented, performance management techniques enable an organisation to monitor, manage and improve strategy execution and the delivery of results.

Do You Really Need Packers and Movers?

Choosing the Packers and Movers in Kaithal is not that easy as you think, as there are limitless packers and movers to select from.

The Ultimate Guide to employee Offboarding with Exit Interviews

By: factoHR
An exit interview is conducted when an employee is leaving a company after his resignation has been accepted or has completed a project assigned to him/her. An exit interview is conducted in order to maintain the top talent employees in Payroll software organization. Exit interview software has been developed in order to maintain the actual reason for leaving.


Packers and movers pack all your stuff, load it, unload and then even unpack it for you. You just have to put your goods at the proper place suitable to you. Packers and movers in Pathankot makes your work so hassle free.

Conquer Hiccups of Microsoft Office 365 with its Support Executive

This article talks about the most renowned technical support company to grab the most suitable features in the office 365 suites with expert’s help

Six Tips for Achieving Competitive Expense Management Software Advantage Through Cost Excellence

By: factoHR
One of the Biggest problems organizations face with respect to business travel expenses is poor visibility and data overspends, lack of control over employee expenditure, the high cost of expense processing and lengthy reimbursement cycles.

Performance Appraisal Software Methods: Traditional and Modern Methods!

By: factoHR
It is the skeleton of an organization that defines how activities such as coordination, task allocation, and supervision are directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. An organization can be structured in many different ways, depending on its objectives.
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