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Looking for the best freelancers in the Technological industries? XPlace is Israel's leading freelancers platform. Here are a list of professional freelancers in the Technological field.

Developers Must Avoid These Web Development Trends

What are the web development trends that must avoid by developers?

Utamanya Keperluan Game Online

Game Online ialah piranti lunak atau program computer yang dipakai pada permainan judi untuk pastikan keadilan keseluruhan buat pemain.

Cardboard Box Manufacturers Always In Demand!

By: bc box
The cardboard box manufacturers ensure that the materials they use are of the best quality. The cardboard box manufacturers that are popular and well established especially pay more attention to the material used and the technology adopted by them.

Anyone, anywhere can now get a 212 area code

What's a territory code extremely worth nowadays, at any rate? For the vast majority, it's only three numbers you tap into your telephone once and never reconsider. 

CCTV Camera in Delhi – Essential for Safety and Security Purpose

HD CCTV Cameras with night vision mode will surely ease your work and worries that often take place for security and safety of any place and your valuable assets.

5 Must-haves to automate your Magento Store

Implementing Magento development services for your e-store will provide you much better results. Just make sure to use this data with consistent approach.

Top Factors that Make Magento Mobile App Development Successful

The use of mobile wallets is rising. Users are slowly becoming comfortable with online payments. The latter are increasing at a quick pace. The trend is to include the maximum number of payment methods to facilitate online payments.

Wireless range extender for home network

A Wi-Fi extender is meant to extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network. It works by extending the Wi-Fi signal, amplifying it and then boosting the signals. A Wi-Fi extender as the name suggests extend the signals from the wireless router. It acts as bridge between the Wi-Fi router and a wireless device which is outside the range of the Wi-Fi router signals.

Salonist Software: Tool to manage your salon

By: Salonist
Whether you want to improve your salon management or seeking the easiest way to uplift your salon productivity, Salonist software always emerges out to be the best choice to opt for. Apart from accepting online appointments from the customers, track their appointments history, appoint them your best staff member, and offer them the services they request, salonist also help you manage your inven...

Advantages of ASP.Net Framework

In the technological era, the competition of staging up with the innovations for the customers is becoming a usual practice.

How to Recover Forgot Outlook Password?

Are you used to forgetting password often? Do you use your Outlook account in various new devices? If these are the reason than your password might be lost or forgotten quite often.

Brother Printer Technical Phone Number 1-855-617-9111

Let’s first understand what is spooler error. If your print task gets interrupted at the middle of the print than it will display a certain type of error which says spooler has failed.

Smart Planning Is Always Mandatory For Being Secure

The Locksmith in Coney Island would help you with opening the locked doors. Consult them during the construction phase, so that it would be much easier to find an apt security solution from the vast solutions available with them like the fire department approved window gates that let people escape from fire accidents, fire rated steel doors that protect you from massive floods and short circuit...

360 SMS APP is a complete solution for SMS related requirements

Now, which SMS APP in Salesforce you should use to improve your Customer Relationship? Well, 360 SMS App does just the job for you in a simple and easy way. It is the most complete SMS related requirements’ solution. It’s a cloud-based platform for all the Salesforce empowered companies. Salesforce Inc. is not unknown to the world. It is one of the world’s leading customer relationship manageme...

Anatomy of virtual phone number

the virtual telephone number will enable you to address the issues of your staff individuals while additionally broadening the range of your business. 

4G DTU Functions – E-Lins Technology

The 4G DTU encapsulates the PHCP dial-up protocol and the TCP/IP stack and has an embedded operating system.

The difference between a gateway and a router

A gateway is a computer system or device that ACTS as a transformation agent.

Power BI AI Features and Key Influencers Visual

Automate AI with Power BI Microsoft has released AI features for PowerBI and here are some of them.

Tips To Enhance Productivity For a Freelancer

Today when one wants to ditch working under one's boss and work freely, freelancing comes into play. Many want to marry freedom and live for self-satisfaction.

5 common Project Management Challenge You can overcome with Task Closet

With the advanced project management tools, you can manage your business with just a few clicks. Web developers worldwide are creating mesmerizing apps and tools for project management that are easy to use and maintain.
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