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Marketing Tools You Need To Incorporate To Boost Your Business

By: Strimm
The method of content distribution to develop the audience can only be achieved by including social media platforms. One needs to relay their message to the right person by driving the target buyers to your website and finally to gain access to the contents. You have to make the content more catchy, so incorporating streaming tools so that the audience can Watch Live TV Channels containing the ...

Your business plan for launching personal and baby care products needs this

Personal care is an excellent industry to invest in and introduce a new brand of your own. You can make a good profit from selling new branded products that people will admire.

Polit Monsters (letra) José Rafael Cordero Sánchez

Letra de la canción Polit Monsters de José Rafael Cordero Sánchez del album Politic Monsters 2021.

Lessons Learned After 250 Documentary Photography Assignments

Recently I hit a milestone in my photographer’s career: I’ve accomplished 250 paid assignments. It took me ten years and half a million frames to get there. I thought it’s a decent reason to reflect a little bit on what has been done and what the journey feels like.

Photographing the Future / Researching the Past

This is a story of more then 30 years of loveing photography as artist, a lecturer and a commercial photographer

Katana Colectivo - film, video and animation production

Coming up with an alternative to communicate your ideas, brand or business in an effective, creative and powerful way.
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