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Project Management Services

Looking for a professional project manager to help manage your project?

It's known that 90% of a project's success depends on its effective management and execution.

XPlace’s team of PMs (project managers) will help you and your business effectively manage your project while adhering to measurable criteria, ensuring the highest quality product and meeting strict deadlines.

Our team of project managers will manage your project in a professional, efficient, methodical and organized approach to significantly lower project costs while coordinating and integrating between the parties involved in the project.

Our project managers are committed to finding quick and creative solutions to any problem that may arise during the project with an emphasis on interpersonal relations and effective communication.

As part of XPlace’s strict criteria, all of our PMs have previously worked as successful project managers at leading hi-tech companies. Each has earned a B.S. in Computer Science and also holds an MBA from a leading university. All our project managers have strong technical backgrounds with many years of experience in managing and leading challenging, large-scale projects, and are committed to bringing your project to success!

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PM Level I
Selecting Freelancers
500 ILS
Recommend the #1 expert
for your project!
Review all your bids
"Keep the best, delete the rest"
Review freelancer portfolios,
ratings & evaluations
Interview relevant candidates
Additional consulting hours
priced at 500 ILS
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PM Level 2
Basic Project Management
4,000 ILS
10 hours of project management
Includes "PM Level 1" +
Define the required skill set
Define project timeline & milestones
Weekly monitoring & control
ensuring satisfactory project progress
Provides a solid foundation
for the project moving forward!
Additional consulting hours
priced at 400 ILS
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PM Level 3
Full Project Mgmt Responsibility
6,000 ILS
20 hours of project management
Includes "PM Level 2" +
Writing PRD & tech spec docs
Perform ongoing quality control
Closely manage team & timeline
Additional consulting hours
priced at 300 ILS
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Sales tax applies where applicable.
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