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On 29 Nov., 2021

The professionals at Dr. Chip Repair provide you the free Mac diagnostic services. One can visit the official website to know more about the services offered at Dr. Chip Repair. To avoid the need for Mac diagnostic services by professionals you should keep maintaining your Mac computer from harmful things.

Best Taxi Services in San Diego

Power runs our devices. People who use digital products know the need for backups and batteries. Apple products, with their exclusive range of products, have eased our daily lives. MacBooks and iMacs are in huge demand in every community. Eventually, the availability of Apple products' batteries, MacBook chargers, and Mac Book Batteries in San Diego has increased in recent times.

Use of Lithium-Ion Batteries

In recent times, we can see the extended use of lithium-ion batteries. They are fast recharging, well efficient, and long-lasting. They are quite easy to use and can charge the latest Apple product up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. The earlier generation of batteries of portable devices depleted if charged multiple times. With new algorithms of charging and lithium-ion batteries, the scenario has changed.

Limitations of a Battery

The battery life of a device depends on its cycle count. No battery keeps going forever. An iPhone battery depletes to 80% after 500 charge cycles. A charge cycle uses the battery's entire capacity. Newer products of Apple, like iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple laptops, work for 1000 cycles. You can even count the cycles in every Apple device. The System information app in an Apple laptop can easily state the cycle count. You need to click on the sidebar and look at the cycle count.

However, it is a bit complicated in Apple iPhones. One has to download an app regarding battery cycle count and then know about its battery usage. There are various applications to help you find the information.

Info in iOS Devices

iOS devices are the latest renovation of science technology. The 'Battery' option in the device can tell about the battery's health and battery life. This feature also helps to know about battery usage of each application in the device separately. Apple's devices are so innovative that they can even mold themselves to increase battery health, decreasing lousy use.

The latest iOS devices help the users by showing the graph of usage of the device in the last 24 hours. An additional feature provides an overview of the usage of the previous ten days in these devices. Technology helps to prompt you to lessen the bad usage of the battery.

For More Power

  • You can check the battery drain from time to time      
  • Keep your iPhone in the battery cases sold by Apple Inc.
  • You can have portable power backups.
  • Don't keep your iPhone inside the car. The hotness in the vehicle may damage the battery.

Optimizing Batteries of MacBooks

MacBooks work a bit differently from the iPhones. You can use the following steps to optimize the MacBook battery.

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Battery
  • If needed, adjust some battery settings
  • You can put your MacBook in inactive mode when you are not working.
  • You can also slightly dim the display when not in use.
  • You can optimize the video HDR to SDR when your battery is in use.
  • For M1 Mac, click on Battery Health to observe its maximum capacity and its current condition.

Battery Replacement

Apple provides new batteries for old ones if they are under count-cycle but malfunctioning. Apple Care cares for your device if your battery dies. In rare cases, you can trade-in your Apple devices. For instance, Apple offers attractive trade-in prices for used, old iPads.

Dr. Chip Computer Store is a leading brand in San Diego dealing in Apple Macs and PCs with expertise. From our establishment in 2007, we have assisted our customers in getting the best experiences of using MacBooks. We also specialize in adding valuable software and virus protection. Dr. Chip always helps in same-day repairs, free diagnosis, and trade-in welcomes. Our store is famous for competence and honesty.

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