The Benefits of Interactive Video | Check the Guide and Enjoy!

On 7 Oct., 2021

The Benefits of Interactive Video | Check the Guide and Enjoy!

The Benefits of Interactive Video | Check the Guide and Enjoy!

If you are trying to increase the effectiveness and audience engagement of your video content, you will probably find it increasingly difficult if you use videos for education, education and corporate development, customer service, or marketing.

In addition, in a survey of experts in the field of training and development, 77% believe that personalized training is important to attract staff. Instead of watching the video passively, today's viewers expect an interesting and up-to-date dynamic experience. This is a period of personal experiences, and interactive video allows you to create a personalized video path that evolves according to the preferences and wishes of the audience.

Interactive Video

Traditional line videos have limited functions: play, pause, rewind, fast forward or restart. The public cannot do much to enrich their experiences. On the other hand, viewers can have more control over their interactive video experiences through a variety of tools and features.

For example, they can perform a variety of digital actions, such as clicking, dragging, scrolling, scrolling, and gestures, such as the way we interact with website content. The most commonly used interactive video features include hotspots, 360-degree viewing, video quizzes, and video tracks. These features are highly customized to enhance the viewing experience and can provide relevant content.

The Benefits of Using Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can be used in a variety of contexts, such as education, learning and corporate development, as well as customer service, e-commerce and marketing, and are popular with brands and consumers, accounting for 36% of all video content. produced.

Personalized Experience

the audience can play an active role in choosing preferred reading forms and actions to obtain the most relevant information in a way that suits their learning style.

Deeper Engagement

Memorable events can capture the audience's attention and help them better retain information. In fact, people spend 44% more time on interactive videos than online videos and are 3 times more likely to interact with content.

Game Like Experience

An active experience that involves audience participation in setting up the user path can lead to a 591% increase in user activity, which is an advantage over any marketing campaign.

Increased Conversion

For most marketing initiatives, conversion is an important KPI and converts interactive videos at a higher rate of 11% than comments converting 1%.

Audience Insights

When watching a video, the various behaviors that the audience performs (eg, Clicks, field fields, user paths) are analyzed and the user's wishes are understood. In addition, they can be used to track your progress and develop valuable information so that you can personalize the experience.