World's Top Annual Events in San Francisco You Shouldn't Miss

On 15 Sept., 2021

San Francisco is highly popular for culture and tradition.

World's Top Annual Events in San Francisco You Shouldn't Miss

It offers fun adventures and new experiences with tourists visiting there for the first time. San Francisco is a city that is filled with events and festivals throughout the year. It welcomes tourists and local residents equally towards its massive events. If you are looking forward to having a good time on your vacation, here are the major events that take place in the city round the year. 

Chinese new year parade in Chinatown

San Francisco's Chinatown is a famous site for its historical significance and preserved rich heritage of Asian culture. Chinese New Year is one of the major festivals celebrated throughout the year. It is an annual tradition that includes a package of events lined the San Francisco Bay area. There is no particular date to celebrate this festival as it varies years after. It usually happens at the beginning of February. If you are searching for events in San Francisco around this time, this annual event will serve you in all ways. 

Cherry blossom festival in Japan town

This is the time that celebrates cherry blossoms in one of the three left Japantowns in the US.  Cherry blossom festival hosts food booths, parades, martial arts performances, cultural performances, live bands, and more traditional Japanese activities. Travelers looking for live music in San Francisco can visit around this time to witness the best music and other activities. The annual Northern California cherry blossom festival is celebrated in April. 

Pride month

If you are visiting San Francisco in June, you should not miss checking out the biggest parade in San Francisco. The pride parade is a tradition in San Francisco that celebrates freedom of love regardless of gender. You will be able to witness the whole city shining in rainbow colors filled with excitement, celebrating together. You can check out everything about the Pride Parade and the celebration before you visit the city.

Folsom Street fair

If you want to have a unique experience that you can only relish in San Francisco, check out the Folsom Street Fair. It is an annual event that can freak you out and blow your mind simultaneously. Folsom Street Fair is the world's largest leather event that brings the fastest players from the corners of the world. The fair is surrounded by outrageous people with unusual exhibitor booths and EDM music. It will expand your mind and creativity. It is one of the biggest events in San Francisco popular all around the world. 

Castro Street fair

On the arrival of fall, the residents and travelers of San Francisco are more excited about the public events happening in the City. Castro Street Fair is undoubtedly one of them. You will see people in San Francisco all dressed up throughout October in unusual costumes. Castro Street Fair is an LGBT Street festival. It brings forward the unique characters in the city's neighborhood and is held on October's 1st Sunday. 

Travelers looking for more than live music in San Francisco can attend these fairs and festivals happening throughout the year. They are filled with traditional activities, games, and more, along with the music. Plan your itinerary with all these events. 

Happy Holidays!