Gerard Peters: Smart Crypto Investments

On 20 Jul., 2021

Gerard Peters is the founder-CEO of QuantifAI Technologies. A specialist in designing algorithmic trading strategies in the decentralized crypto marketplace, QuantifAI has a set record pace of ROI.

Gerard Peters: Smart Crypto Investments

Gerard Peters says of his proven trading strategies:

“We want to be remunerated when we add value because we are confident in the quality of our systems to perform and earn us our profit share. I believe this is the proper way industry professionals should operate. Charging large front load fees and not performing for investors is not acceptable in my opinion. We earn when our client’s profit, that’s fair to all parties”.

Gerard Peters - cryptocurrency is an investment of the future

As an investment banker with experience in structured bank products, Gerard is a die-hard convert to crypto. He believes it has the ability to offer stellar opportunities compared to any other major investment product. This is a brave new world with a forecasted continuous rise in the growth and institutional popularity of blockchain digital assets.

Gerard is an influential leader in blockchain investments. He is at the forefront of the trading market of Cryptocurrency and has curated leading-edge and fully managed trading solutions for the institutional market that can consistently perform above the conventional benchmark.

Profit as crypto rages on 24/7

Insights from Gerard Peters

El Salvador has made Bitcoin legal tender, and this is the first country in the world to do so. Following closely behind all, China has elected to go another path in adopting blockchain technology. China will now propagate its own 'digital yuan' and that could be used by athletes and visitors at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

To promote the digital yuan, Chinese authorities cracked down on its competition, crypto mining, and trading in cryptocurrencies. Once a major player in the crypto market and home to about 70% crypto mining market, China has since moved to stamp out speculative investment in cryptocurrencies, banning the capital raising Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ) and shuttering local crypto exchanges.

China announced plans to create a ‘digital yuan’ by the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Crypto investors look to companies like Gerard Peters’ QuantifAI for proven crypto trading strategies. Peters and his fintech team applied scientific research-backed formulae to create their winning trading system in blockchain-driven digital assets.