India’s Leading Custom Switchboards Manufacturers

On 19 Apr., 2021

A switchboard is partitioned into various interconnected areas, by and large, comprising a fundamental segment and a circulation segment.

India’s Leading Custom Switchboards Manufacturers

An electric switchboard made and supplied by the standard and custom switchboards manufacturers in India is a device that coordinates power from at least one source of supply to a few more zones of electricity usage. It is a combination of at least 2 boards, every one of which contains switches that permit power to be diverted. 

These two areas are some of the time supplanted by a mixed segment, which is a segment that can satisfy the parts of both previously mentioned sections. Switchboards manufactured by custom switchboards suppliers can likewise in some cases accompany a helper segment that is utilized to run home appliances.

Why you need a custom switchboard solution

In any electricity framework, not all jobs are created equal. Sometimes you might need a power distribution solution that is custom-made by the leading custom switchboards manufacturers in India. While all conventional devices work on a 3-phase model, it never means that you have to necessarily choose the one among them. Custom switchboards are designed and developed to meet your exact needs depending on the nature of your application. 

For instance, there are manufactures in India that make custom switchboards for industrial and marine applications exactly according to the requirements of applications. Be it a personal preference or any specific industrial need, a custom-made electrical switchboard will never disappoint you. Almost everything inside a custom-made electrical switchboard can be custom chosen such as:

  • Design and development methodology 

  • Overall built quality and attributes 

  • Load carrying capacity

  • Aluminum busbar or copper busbar

  • Insulated case circuit breakers or molded case circuit breakers

  • Add-on provisions for metering

  • Automatic transfer switches

  • Transformers and relays

  • Enclosure to the internal wiring, and

  • Overcurrent device configuration.

The custom-made switchboards made and supplied by the leading custom switchboards manufacturers in India are shielded from all the possible dangers of being grounded with the presence of security switches and other remedies. 

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of custom-made switchboards made and supplied by the leading custom switchboards manufacturers in India:

  • Offer safe, reliable, dependable, and perfectly balanced distribution of power

  • No fear of sudden failure

  • These switchboards can be manufactured within a few days

  • Great ease and feasibility of making any changes

  • Complete freedom to choose components and switch gears as per the wish of the buyer

  • Easy and time-saver during assembling process

  • Easy expansion possible when needed

  • Very adaptable to combat harsh and hostile environments.

Concluding Remarks 

Tricolite is one of the leading custom switchboards manufacturers in India. The company has always been the first choice of customers from across the globe for the past 40 years for high-quality power distribution solutions. Today, all prestigious brands across segments choose to work with Tricolite only given its history of outstanding performance and commitment. What distinguishes Tricolite from its peers is the culture of continuous learning, high responsibility, and its decentralized management style. The company has in-house research & development as well as a designing facility equipped with the latest CAD/CAM technology.