5 Smart & Simple Tips to Increase RV Security

On 28 Aug., 2020

To help you boost your RV security, we’ve prepared the following five tips, which are based on decades of experience from all four corners of the world.

5 Smart & Simple Tips to Increase RV Security

It sure is great to travel into the great unknown and discover new places. After all, that is why you bought your RV in the first place, right? Now you have the freedom to roam around and stay for as long as you want in one place, thus making the most of your trip. 

However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. You need to worry about RV security, which is very important if you want to enjoy your time on the road. To help you boost your RV security, we’ve prepared the following five tips, which are based on decades of experience from all four corners of the world.

How do you park?

There are some valid reasons why people like to back into their camping site, such as being able to hop in their RV and go. However, if it’s that easy for you, it’s equally easy for someone who wants to drive away in your precious vehicle. So, instead of giving them an advantage, you should simply reverse the direction of your rig to help deter potential jacking. 

With a hitch and a steering wheel lock in place, thieves are likely to be discouraged from even attempting to drive off. Basically, the harder you make the access, the less likely you are to have your rig stolen.

Invest in good locks

You’ve probably invested heavily in the security of your home. Chances are you have doors with security bolts and probably a few more safety features. So, why would you fail to do the same thing when it comes to your RV? RVs use locks which engage around the kingpin, such as a padlock or a cylinder lock. 

Luckily, there are many great products by renowned brands on offer and you should invest in good locks to keep your valuables safe. Remember that security begins at your door, so get some solid locks to protect your RV and everything you have in it.

Other security features

Again, you’ve probably thought a lot about your home security and opted for some kind of security system that provides good protection at the price you are ready to pay. Many RV owners are following suit when it comes to their vehicles and are ready to invest in a good RV security system, featuring a modern RV camera system, which allows them to have control of everything that is happening inside and around their vehicles at all times. 

Many of such systems include motion detector lights. Namely, when motion is detected in the region around your rig, the lights come on and stay on for a pre-defined period of time. Such lights should be installed all-around your RV, as well as the door and the corners of your vehicle. Some RV security systems include alarms, but you really need to think about scaring not only the thief but your neighbors as well when the siren starts blaring in the middle of the night.

Minimize temptations

You may be tired and looking forward to going to bed, but there is one more thing you need to do before you hit the sack. Tidy up your campsite quickly before settling in for the night or heading out for the day. Make sure your expensive equipment and valuables are locked up and out of sight. Your shades should be closed when you leave your RV, so that no one can see what you have inside. If thieves are not tempted, they are less likely to steal.

Get insurance

An RV is an investment and, as such, should be protected, i.e. insured. That’s why you need to find the best possible insurance policy you can afford and get it. If you do find yourself the unfortunate victim of RV theft, you’ll be thankful for RV insurance. Most policies allow you to insure your personal gear that you travel with, such as a snowmobile or ATV, as well, so if that’s the case with you, we strongly recommend finding a comprehensive insurance policy.

As you can see, most of these tips rely on common sense and can be extrapolated to refer to any similar possession of yours. Like with most things in life, prevention is the most efficient method of eliminating a problem and you should do everything you can to prevent thieves from even attempting to steal your RV or the stuff you have in it. Only then can you truly relax and enjoy all those wonderful days and weeks on the road in your prized possession.