DC brush motor control project in 5 days

On 10 Mar., 2020

DC brush motor control project in 5 days

DC brush motor control project in 5 days

I developed the software for the Arduino using the the supplied library, implemented the pid controller for the motor control and implemented serial protocol to the pc. I also written wrapper class in python and integrated it with our system

This project gave excellent accuracy, no pitfaults, and cross platform solution in under ~50$ budget compares to Thorlabs ~1,000$ controller

I finished this project in 5 working days

I already mentioned that in some cases, Arduino is a very good solution for fast prototyping

We used high accuracy motor (0.1 micrometer), Thorlabs MTS25-Z8 for spectrography in the tera HZ domain. Data sheet

They provide also motor controller KDC101 - K-Cube Brushed DC Servo Motor Controllerdata sheet

This motor controller provides dll with api. This dll exist only in windows and suffer from dll close issues that sometimes cause that the init call hang

More than that, although the motor has zero backlash, the controller perform overshoot in the built in pid controller, that cause the position reading to be up to 10 micro meter error

I consulted the company that manufacture this controller, but got no help to my issue

Motor controller is not a big issue so I developed my controller. Using Arduino micro, dual dc motor controller shield, and step up power supply card to supply power to the motor from the usb voltage


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DC brush motor control project in 5 days