Create your Custom Google Search Engine

On 25 Feb., 2020

This article informs all readers about how Google can help you to create your own custom search engine. With it you can help many people and also earn a decent income through Google Adsense program.

Create your Custom Google Search Engine

Google custom search engine a new attraction

You might know that recently Google has announced a new thing. You can create or make your own Google custom search engine by your own efforts. Google will guide you in this task. With this technology you can make your own search engine on Google on any topic of subject. In this way you can easily help businessmen, professionals, kids, teenagers and youth to search info on their favorite topic. This is the greatest power of Google that it can help you to set up your own search engine with which you can also earn a decent monthly income. You need to make your own customized search engine with the help of Google. Most daily searches on the internet are made on Google as it is one of the most top ranking search engines.

Know the features of Google custom search engine

Google has been declared as the greatest search platforms where you can search and seek any kind of information. You can say that your customized search engine can also be treated as a sub search engine as it will work according to the search algorithms of Google. You can submit your search engine on the biggest web directories so that people may come to know about it. Following are the features of Google custom search engine:-

  • Your audiences can use your custom search engine to get info on any subject or topic.
  • Your search engine can add hundreds of website URLs and submit them on as many internet directories daily or weekly.
  • You can also add your search engine box on all websites easily.
  • You can customize the theme of your search engine web page like Google does.

You can also earn money with your custom search engine according to the parameters of Google Adsense program. Learn more about finding expert SEO services at this website.

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