6 Best Independence Day Activities for US Students

On 30 Jun., 2018

The freedom and independence of America are glutted with symbolic art. This instills a creative touch in the students and kids and incites them to produce artistic creations.

6 Best Independence Day Activities for US Students

Every country and its culture highly regards one particular day, the day when it got the most prized gift of all i.e. its freedom. The celebrations held at this day are no match, as individuals celebrate it with much-anticipated zest and zeal. Many activities are designed especially to be executed on this particular day. Similar celebrations are meticulously exercised in the United States of America. In this regards, Americans feel enthusiastic to try different and unique activities. Following are some activities for students to make the Independence Day more memorable and worth-while.

Patriotic Costume Contest:

Kids are always comfortable in trying out dresses that are different from their usual wearing. But why wait for Halloween. The dress-up theme is an amazing idea for an event as magnificent as Independence Day. Kids and high school students can design dresses on patriotic themes to create the independence aura all around. Moreover, these costumes should be exhibited in classes and the educational premises to trigger the feeling of loyalty to the country. These dresses could be voted for selecting the most beautiful and patriotic dress to promote the sense of adherence to the country.

American History Challenge:

An independence day is nothing significant if the people of that country do not value its historical legacy and heritage. The situation is imminent with regard to the students because they shape the future of the country which makes their acceptance and awareness significant for the betterment. Their knowledge could be increased by creating a challenging atmosphere between separate teams and groups. These then can be assessed for their philosophy and insight about their history. In this way, not only observant students will be highlighted but also the students with less background knowledge of Independence.

Visit a National Landmark or Historic Site:

What occasion is better to visit a national landmark apart of Independence Day. Sure, there are other holidays when people can go visit a national landmark or historical site, important in the country’s legacy, but no day could make you feel any more patriotic than the Independence Day itself. The significance of this day automatically elevates the mood of a person as compared to regular days. They feel more enthusiastic to visit such places. Their awareness and interest about the connotation of that place double up and they grasp more knowledge than they normally do.

Pay Tribute to Army Veterans and Service Members:

Students who feel more patriotic and dedicated take interest in volunteering and charitable activities. This could be exercised on Independence Day. 4 July is the perfect occasion to pay tribute to army vets and service members. Donations could be sent to VA hospitals. If one cannot afford donations, he could deliver his wishes and prayers through a postcard or letter.

Arranging Sale for Charity:

School kids or high school students could excitedly arrange activities that are both fun and noble. For instance, arranging a sale in the backyard or garden and donating the amount collected from that sale to charity or volunteering agencies is a good idea to teach students to be helpful for other fellow citizens. Moreover, if one wants to add in more fun, they could sell eatables and drinks like squash or lemonade etc.

American Symbols Art:

The freedom and independence of America are glutted with symbolic art. This instills a creative touch in the students and kids and incites them to produce artistic creations. This challenge could be utilized as a fun and challenging activity for kids and design a contest to create marvelous pieces of art such as paintings, symbolic images, prototypes of flags or national buildings etc. They could also avail essay writing services to produce exemplary pieces of writings to highlight their devotion to their country.

Wrap Up:

The heart of every American, without any doubt, is filled with love, passion, and dedication to their country. They are always ready to exhibit this feeling with new ideas and behaviors. The activities that are described above are nice exhibitions to showcase their love for their country. In this way, they could be beneficial for the country and it will deepen their love for the country. Their understanding of the historical significance will enhance.

6 Best Independence Day Activities for US Students