Understanding Credit Union Journey Mapping

On 20 Jan., 2022

One essential way to understand and visualize a person’s path from one point to another is to utilize journey mapping.

Understanding Credit Union Journey Mapping

One essential way to understand and visualize a person’s path from one point to another is to utilize journey mapping. When it comes to tracking consumer experience, journey mapping has been an excellent tool! Unfortunately, credit union journey mapping is not always easy. In this article, we will take you through what it looks like and present excellent ways to kick start your beginning into journey mapping!

What Makes Journey Mapping For Credit Unions Difficult?

Every credit union member is different. That is ideal for every consumer, but there’s a catch: Not all credit unions are the same! Therefore, to establish a credit union’s journey map, make sure you track major member milestones:

  • Branch visits or drive-through transactions
  • Onboarding or account opening
  • Credit card or loan applications
  • Online or mobile banking
  • Direct deposit setup or check deposits

Think about the path that all your members are on. What are their concerns, how were you found, and how can you help?

How To Understand All Your Member’s Journey

Tracking all your members should be your fundamental goal. However, it should not be your goal in the beginning. Instead, find the best ways to accommodate varying members via different journeys. For instance, you can start with those who chose a checking account. Then, monitor the way they migrate from service to service, product to product. As they go deeper into your brand, get in contact with them, and seek ways to help them further.

Getting Started

Are you ready to start? Pick one area and pay attention to that. You might start with new checking accounts. After that, confirm what the recommended path is. For example,ensure that all your new members can:

  • Access mobile and online banking
  • Get a savings account
  • Get a credit or debit card
  • Sign up for eNotices & eStatements


You might need to be willing to explore options. Use appropriate tools to check in with your new members. That’s the best way to know that the path outlined for your members is working correctly.

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