How To Pick A Floor Length Gown Using Colour

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How To Pick A Floor Length Gown Using Colour

How To Pick A Floor Length Gown Using Colour

Picking a gown based on color can be quite tricky as there are just so many to choose from. How do you ensure that when you buy beautiful floor length gowns, they are exactly your color match and would make you look your best? In this article, we would be discussing how you can pick beautiful floor length gowns based on just their color. If you want to understand what colors look good on you here are some tricks that can help you:

Skin Tone

When you buy beautiful floor length gowns, one thing you should consider is your skin tone. This would determine what colors would look good on you and what shades you can wear to bring out your best. Once you discover your skin tone, it becomes easier for you to choose colors that are your match. If you have warm undertones you will look better in colors like blue, green, and gold. If you have cool undertones blue, silver  and gray.

Eye Color

Most people do not know that your eye color is a big factor when choosing the color of beautiful floor length gowns. Wearing a dress that draws out the color in your eyes is important if you want to look good for any occasion. Lighter colors work better with green, hazel, or blue eyes while dark/earthy shades work better with brown or darker eye colors.


Colors usually pass on a message as colors evoke responses from people. Red is used to show intensity or passion, green is for nature or growth, orange shows enthusiasm and creativity, and yellow conveys joy and energy. You should consider the event you are attending also because you wouldn't want to wear a red dress to a funeral. You should consider the message you want to convey before you purchase any dress.

Event Theme

Events have some spoken and unspoken color rules which must be followed. For example, prints and patterns are more suitable for daytime events while darker colors are reserved for formal evening events. Neutral colors are great for most events but they would mostly blend into the background. You should thoroughly consider the event you are attending before you pick a color.

Your Date

You should consider what your date to any event would be wearing before you decide to choose a color. Although it isn't expected of you to match your date it is best to avoid any cringe worthy color combinations. If you would spend most of your time with one person, ensure that the colors you are both wearing will not clash with each other. For example, except when you're attending a Christmas party, red and green do not go well together. You should check with your date to confirm the color they would be wearing. 


Picking a color for your floor length gown can be stressful when you have an event to attend. The important thing to note is that you can always pick the best color for you by following the tips we have provided.

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