Mistakes You Should Always Avoid When Choosing A Wedding DJ

בתאריך 28 אוקטובר, 2021

From this guide, you will learn some common mistakes you should avoid when choosing the right DJ for your wedding.

Mistakes You Should Always Avoid When Choosing A Wedding DJ

Getting the perfect wedding DJ Melbourne can be a daunting process. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right DJ. You should therefore be very careful and avoid the following mistakes when choosing the right DJ.

Hiring a part-time DJ or an amateur DJ

A wedding is the most important day of your life and you should not put it in the hands of an amateur DJ. You should also avoid choosing your friend just because he told you he can mix music. Do not have your reception damaged by someone that isn’t qualified or equipped to entertain your guests.

Always choose a reputable DJ that can back up their work with the right recommendations. You should do proper planning and preparation and choose someone who will provide the services that you need. Choosing someone just because they are your friend is not the best thing to do because the person might not know how to make your wedding outstanding.

Not checking references

Before you choose a DJ, it is important to check whether they are recommended by venues and other people in your area. If you are not sure about this, it will not cost you much to ask.

Waiting too long

It is hard to find a DJ you like. Do not go through all the problems of finding the right DJ and procrastinate on booking them. Most good wedding DJs with great experience and reputation are often booked at least a year or six months in advance. Immediately you make the connection, you should move forward and act on it. You should then secure your date with a contract and deposit.

Hiring a DJ that does not talk on the mic

Performing at a wedding is different from performing at a nightclub. At a nightclub, a DJ can just play nice music and people will dance the whole night. However, when choosing a DJ for your wedding, you should ensure that the DJ knows how to speak on the mic. You need someone who will keep the wedding energy throughout the night. Your DJ should be experienced and skilled enough to keep the wedding party going even when the party has a lull.

Choosing a DJ that lacks versatility

While you are looking for a suitable DJ for your wedding, it is important to ask if they have performed at school functions, corporate events or other cultural parties such as Bar Mitzvahs and so on. Versatility is acquired through experience and it reflects the depth of your DJ.

Failing to meet the DJ prior to the wedding

It is important to schedule a meeting with your DJ or even make a video call to go over the specifics of your wedding – itinerary, music selection, event details and so on.

Not asking about their backup plan

When choosing a wedding DJ Melbourne, it is crucial to ask about their backup plan. If their equipment fails or if the DJ gets sick, you need to be assured that your wedding will go on smoothly without interruptions.

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