Unearthing the Major Attributes of Structural Foam Molding

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בתאריך 27 אוקטובר, 2021

Because of some noteworthy attributes, structural foam molding is considered to be the best alternative for the production of plastic parts with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Unearthing the Major Attributes of Structural Foam Molding

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If talking as of now, the availability of highly advanced and automated machinery has made it much easier to produce flawless plastic parts. Today, injection molding is the most popular manufacturing method for the production of plastic parts, especially on large scales. It is an automated method conducted with the help of advanced machinery by injecting the melted polymer into a pre-designed mold. There’s no denying that it is a reliable alternative for producing flawless and durable plastic parts. But when it comes to producing plastic parts with a better strength-to-weight ratio, then Structural Foam Molding is a much better alternative.

There are not too many differences between the traditional injection molding and Structural Foam Molding. The only two differences are that an inert gas or chemical blowing agent is also injected into the mold along with the melted polymer, and it is done using low-pressure. So, now you know how the structural foam molding is different from the traditional injection molding method. Coming to the point, let’s find out in what situations you might need to hire Structural Foam Molding Companies instead of a traditional injection molding agency.

We have earlier mentioned that an inert gas and sometimes a chemical blowing agent is also added to the melted polymer while injecting it into the mold. This inert gas expands and as a result, the core of the final product has a foam-like structure instead of being completely solid. That’s why the plastic parts built by Structural Foam Molding Companies are not too heavy. However, the outer wall still remains thick and solid, which gives a decent strength to the final product. So basically, if you are required to build plastic parts which must be strong and also light-weighted at the same time, then iMold USA, LLC is here for you.

Let’s now discuss the most significant attributes of the structural foam molding:

  • It’s possible to build identical plastic parts on a large scale with a very good strength-to-weight ratio through this method. It is considered to be the most important characteristic of this manufacturing method.
  • Products built through structural foam molding usually require no or very little additional surface finishing. That’s because the melted polymer is injected under low-pressure, which is why there are generally no sink marks on final products.
  • Another advantage of low-pressure injection molding is that it gets easier to build plastic products with complex designs. These are the main and certainly the most significant advantage of building plastic parts through the structural foam molding.
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