Ways in Which Neon Lights For Home can Boost Your Mood

מאת Faina Miller
בתאריך 27 ספטמבר, 2021

Neon Lights for the Home

Ways in Which Neon Lights For Home can Boost Your Mood

Most of us do not give much attention to how lights around us can affect our emotions. But have you ever noticed that you feel more energized on sunny days and feel happier when the lights are dim? It is no coincidence. Different kinds of lights that we are surrounded by, have a significant impact on our mood and emotional health. Lights majorly affect our well-being too. We even indirectly get badly influenced by the empty walls and pale lighting in the room. When something is added as loud as neon lights for the home to the room, it instantly changes how you feel about it being around that area. 

We have recently seen a comeback of 1990s obsession, neon lights, majorly due to how they make you feel. Although we are usually surrounded by ambiance light and regular lighting, neon lights are something that adds an accent to home decor. In addition, they bring mild and soothing hues into your home. We have been seeing high numbers of neon signs spreading all around the world. It is because they offer us to feel the way we want to. If you are always energetic and want bold lighting in the bedroom, bold lights can make you feel the same. In contrast, if you are close to yourself and like to be calm, the Feelings neon sign can add a similar touch to the room. 

Get to know the ways in which light can affect your emotions.

Bright light can heighten the mood

Bright lights can have a positive as well as negative impact on our mood. In a study in 2014, researchers told their respondents to judge the aggressiveness of a fictional individual, the duty of a woman, and the appearance of spicy chicken wings sauces. As a result, they found that volunteers stated favorable, negative, and neutral judgments about the situation. They found the person more aggressive while the women were more beautiful in bright light. The reactions of their respondents were heightened under brighter lights. 

Blue light can make you feel more energetic

When you install blue to neon light signs in the room, exposure to the light during the day can make you more energetic and awake. According to a recent study, the research participants were more productive when exposed to high-energy short-wavelength blue light. It was reported that they could complete daily tasks more accurately and quickly as compared to a control group. Blue light increased their awakeness not only during the experiment but for a complete half-hour after the experiment. 

You may install tongue neon signs and other designs in similar colors to improve your productivity and alertness during the day. 

Light can also affect your appetite

It is also found that light impacts how much we eat, with what speed, and what kinds of food we are up for. It also affects our perception of flavor. Generally, we tend to eat slower and eat less with them and softer lighting in restaurants. However, we may also be in the mood to eat unhealthy food in darker lights. It may be because software lighting may make us feel relaxed, and we may be less alert about our food selections. 

Neon lights for the home can create a similar impact on your mood. You have to pick the right design colors and phrases to ensure that you always get a positive effect.

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