4g routers serve on self-service equipment

בתאריך 22 ספטמבר, 2021

4g router with ethernet is basically in the general common wireless routing, added 4G dialing function, namely Cell WAN

4g routers serve on self-service equipment

4g router with ethernet is basically in the general common wireless routing, added 4G dialing function, namely Cell WAN. It could help in many areas, like self-service equipment networking.

With the rapid development of the financial industry, the traditional financial business present a diversified development model, online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and other emerging in the financial business, at the same time the data centralization system construction also mentioned the agenda, signs are marks the prelude to China's financial industry is developing towards the internationalization, LTE 4G wireless network innovation service mode has become an inevitable trend.

In the banking system, most of the existing self-service devices (such as ATM terminals and self-service query terminals) are connected to the wired network. This access mode affects the coverage of the wired network, and the self-service devices can only be set in the business outlets of financial institutions and large commercial institutions, which restrict the service mode. At the same time, the arrangement of self-service equipment is still combined with tangible business field, which weakens the convenience and convenience of self-service equipment, and cannot realize the original intention of using self-service transaction to expand the business coverage of business outlets.

On the contrary, wireless communication mode is not affected by network physical factors. Relying on the high-speed 4G wireless network platform, financial institutions can deploy self-service devices to any area covered by the wireless network, which can effectively expand business coverage and thus provide a good network platform for improving business transaction volume.

In addition, by using wireless access, financial institutions can directly set self-service devices in community service institutions and small community commercial facilities in high-end communities with high quality customers, effectively solve the network access problems of community banks and in-store banks, and provide efficient financial services for high-end users.

The system consists of banking equipment (ATM or self-service equipment), 4g router with ethernet, Cell dedicated line, banking server and other equipment.

The data flow process is as follows: The ATM device of the bank transmits data to the LTE 4G wireless network through the 4G industrial wireless router. The LTE 4G wireless network transmits data to the router of the bank through DDN or frame relay, and then routes the data to the server of the bank through the router. For more secure control, the bank can add Radius authentication server (optional, because LTE 4G wireless access has been authenticated by AAA server).

One of the main advantages of LTE 4G 3G network is fast transmission speed. Basically, all kinds of services, including video surveillance, can be realized on it and LTE 4 G is not limited by wiring, convenient construction, short construction period and fast results. ATM, inquiry terminal and payment terminal of bank are very suitable for transaction or monitoring data transmission with LTE 4G network.

3G/4G industrial wireless router is praised by customers for its fast transmission speed and stable operation performance. It has been widely used in domestic banking, postal storage, environmental protection, security and other industries, and a large number of exports to Britain, Australia, India, Russia, Brazil, Singapore and other countries.

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