How To Improve Bookings With The Right Hotel Software

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Read this guide to learn how you can improve bookings at your hotel with the right hospitality or hotel CRM software systems.

How To Improve Bookings With The Right Hotel Software

Hotel CRM software is a crucial component for hotels. The need for the right software to run hotel chains cannot be underestimated. Today, businesses thrive on good customer relations and do not just rely on the quality of services offered. Using the right CRM can create and maintain customer loyalty.


Right now, hotels are under pressure to maintain occupancy levels while providing the best services including dining, room service and spa. This isn’t easy to achieve without the use of technology. More hotels are turning to CRM these days.

What is CRM?

A CRM streamlines and automates the process of gathering customer information and storing the information so that when a guest checks in, the receptionist can greet them by name. It is important to delight your customers to create an impression of the industry and encourage them to book another time.

With the right software, you can track loyal customers and award them with discounts, coupons and gifts for every level of your program.

Why is CRM necessary for the hotel industry?

Hotels, resorts, or guesthouses should build a comprehensive database with the necessary information about their customers. This includes residence or location, work industry, workplace, family details, age, contact details and birthdays. Hospitality CRM can make guest profiles manually with automation technology, allowing hoteliers to provide the best experience to every customer. It also facilitates the long-term growth of the company. When you use the right hotel CRM, you encourage happy customers to advocate for your business. Here are some ways you can improve bookings using the right CRM.

Keeps your customers engaged

The right CRM will enable you to map the journey of your guests and find out the touchpoints between you and your clients. Identifying the expectations of your customers will increase the value of your customers as well as their satisfaction. You can also segment your customers and guests based on which stage they are in. Using CRM software, you can run targeted adverts on various contact points to attract potential customers and enhance their experience.

Helps gain customer loyalty

Using the right software for your hotel gives you a holistic view of your hotel operations, allowing you to identify issues and solve them immediately. Customers are more likely to stay at your hotel when they have a great time on the first visit. The more clients you make happy at your hotel, the more they will spread the word about your good services. You can also leverage this satisfaction and ask your guests to review your business online. This way, you will be able to attract more bookings.

Enhances sales productivity

Hotel CRM software automates mundane tasks such as sorting customer information, sending follow up emails, sending bulk emails, and generating data reports and performance reports. This automation will save you a lot of time for sales agents. This allows them to focus on more important issues of building personal and strong connections with customers. The best hospitality CRM solution pulls data from customer touchpoints and stores the information in a single dashboard for easy use.

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