Tips and Tricks To Take Care Of Your forever One Moissanite

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בתאריך 13 ספטמבר, 2021

Forever One Moissanite

Tips and Tricks To Take Care Of Your forever One Moissanite

Moissanite rings are known to be the 2nd hardest gemstone after diamond on earth. They are incredibly bright, scratch-resistant, and durable. These features make this gem perfect for everyday wear. Many women prefer to wear moissanite rings instead of diamonds because they are cheaper, brighter, and rare. Like all other brides, you may also love your forever one moissanite more than anything else. You might want to wear it all the time looking just perfect. But like any other gem, moissanite is not entirely indestructible. It also needs regular care to be in good condition. You have to look after it throughout its lifetime to ensure the same brightness. 

Get answers to some commonly asked questions by the brides about taking care of moissanite rings. 

Is it okay to wear your forever one moissanite ring in the shower? 

Yes, you can take a shower while wearing your moissanite engagement ring without any hesitation. The oval moissanite engagement rings will not cause any harm to the tone. But the repetitive exposure to other things like shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc., can build up oils on the rings. It may sparkle the ring and give the stone a filmy appearance. Therefore, it is better to keep the moissanite ring aside while taking a shower. 

Should I prevent the ring from getting in contact with the sanitizer?

It is an efficient question that many brides come across. Hand sanitizers have high alcohol content and Harsh chemicals that can harm the shine and precious metal of your ring over time. After repetitive exposure to these chemicals, your ring might lose its luster after a while. Taking the covid-19 pandemic into account, your ring is likely to get more in touch with sanitizer. That is why it is important to avoid any such situation. You should permanently remove the ring while sanitizing your hands and put it back after you are done. 

Is it fine to wear the ring in a pool?

It is highly recommended to m remove the moissanite ring when you are entering any coal. Although you can hear a ring in the water, it is considered to remove it in the pool water. It is because the pool water has a high content of chlorine that can add grime to the surface of your ring. It will block the entrance of light and affect the brightness. 

You do not want to harm the shine of your unique moissanite ring from Canada.  That is why keep it away from the pool water. 

Is it okay to wear the moissanite ring while sleeping? 

It is based on your personal preference. However, you have to be extra careful when sleeping with your ring on as far as safety is concerned. If you want to protect the ring in all ways, it is better to take it off before going to bed. Even though it is not necessary, The ring may get Tangled in your sheets, hair, or clothes. 

Make sure that you take all of these factors into consideration if you want to take the perfect care of your forever one moissanite. You would also like to keep it away from edible items or chemicals to maintain the appearance.

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