Fonts Used in IEEE Paper Designs – Guide

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Fonts Used in IEEE Paper Designs – Guide

Fonts Used in IEEE Paper Designs – Guide

Students asked to pay someone to write my essay  go over numerous assignments during their academic careers. These assignments have various requirements and one significant necessity is the type of reference to be used in the content. IEEE reference is one significant type of design used by the students.


A student can use numerous websites to write their essay. While seeking essay help from any website, a student should ask for a free outline that has been formatted according to IEEE design. This will assure that students that the stage can help them in their assignments. In the following lines, we will investigate some significant requirements of the IEEE design.


All the content should be presented in English language and it should not surpass 10 pages which are written in single-spaced and twofold columns. The record should be submitted in Microsoft Word or some other sufficient course of action. In case some source files can't be implanted in the main record, they must be associated with a total envelope. This envelope will then, at that point be compressed before submission. The record should be named with the last name of the first author.


The total width of the text area by college essay writing service is 17 cm or 6-7 inches and 22.5 cm or 8-7/8 inches high. The width of columns should be 3.25 inches or 8.25 cm and the space between columns should be 0.8 cm. The title of the paper should be placed 3.49 cm from the top finish of the page. The wide scope of various pages should start 2.54 cm from the top edge. The bottom edge should be set at 2.86 cm from the bottom of the page in case you are using 8.5 * 11-inch paper. In the event that the paper is A4-size, the bottom edge will be 4.13 cm from the edge of the paper.




The supported text style is Times New Roman yet other fonts are also OK. Following are some base fonts that can be used instead of the above text style.


Adobe San








Really taking a look at images/Graphics


The images in ‘write my essay’ tasks should be installed in the record and they should also be joined as separate source files. The essay writer should consider the type and size of graphics that have been associated with the report. The use of vector graphics passed on by various drawing packages is easy and advisable. The base text size in graphics is 4 pt. In case the text size is lower, it will no be readable on paper. The custom halftones and example fills can't be changed over to PDF. Instead, they use of sensitive scale and solid-shading fill is more recommended. The use of smooth graphics might create files that are too enormous and will set aside significantly more effort to load and display. The automatic conversion of gigantic sized texts might create lower-quality images. It is recommended to work on each picture separately.


Main Title


The main title is placed in the middle at 3.49 cm from the top of the first page. The recommended text style for the title is Times 14-point, boldface. There should be two clear lines after the title.


Author Name and Affiliation


These are to be focused just under the title in Times 12-point, non-boldface text. There should be two clear lines after this information.




This heading by writing paper service will show up in the totally justified emphasized text just under the author's names and their affiliations. There should be two clear lines left after the heading and the most outrageous length for this section is 150 words.


Main Text


The main text should be typed in 10-point Times textual style and is single-spaced. All paragraphs should be indented and the text should be totally justified.




The footnotes should be used cautiously and placed at the bottom of the segment on the page where they have been used. These should be written in Times 9-point textual style. The material reference numbers should be shown in square brackets.

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