AML Screening In The Light Of Compliance Regimes Around The World

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AML compliance is an inescapable need for all sorts of enterprises all over the world.

AML Screening In The Light Of Compliance Regimes Around The World

AML compliance is an inescapable need for all sorts of enterprises all over the world. The regulatory compliance landscape has been quickly shifting. According to a PWC analysis from 2018, money laundering accounts for 2% to 5% of worldwide GDP (about $1-2 trillion). Authorities are becoming increasingly cautious in their efforts to regulate and mitigate financial risk to firms and countries' economies. The rules not only target money launderers, but also their facilitators who, intentionally or unknowingly, aid them in their crimes. Anti-money laundering (AML) policies have been developed for businesses all over the world, and all areas require firms to do due diligence on their customers in some way. AML compliance is not as tough for businesses to comply with as it may appear. The technology is meant to do top-notch customer screening on the company's potential clients on a worldwide scale.

Which firms are responsible for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance?

The majority of firms are responsible for AML compliance, but organisations engaging in any type of financial services, directly or indirectly, are also responsible. According to worldwide AML regimes, the following firms are required to implement a streamlined AML compliance solution within their organisations:

Banks and all their subsidiaries
Brokerage houses
Insurance companies
Forex exchanges
Casinos and online gaming sites
Non-banks mortgage lenders
Dealers in gold, diamond, and other precious metals
Real-estate agents
Money transmitters
Cryptocurrency facilitators
Fintech businesses and many others.
AML Regimes Around The Globe -

China - The Chinese economy has grown to become one of the most powerful, thanks to strong regulations and excellent enforcement. The implementation of KYC (Know Your Customer) through identity verification processes is a significant part of China's AML compliance regulations.

United Kingdom - Following Brexit, the United Kingdom has lately taken a progressive stance on financial rules. The responsible firms are given a comprehensive AML compliance checklist that includes the following items:

Customers' identities must be verified before services are extended to them.

Maintaining and updating identity verification and anti-money laundering compliance records on a regular basis.

Training the employees

Due diligence on online and foreign customers is carried out by comparing them to international sanctions lists, terrorist lists, and lists of high-risk nations.

Internal AML compliance processes of the company are properly reported and monitored.

United States of America - The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is still in effect in the United States and has been amended numerous times. The laws are very comprehensive and cover nearly every aspect of financial institutions' and other financial services institutions' money laundering risk. The major AML compliance rules in the United States under the BSA are listed below.

Customer due diligence is a requirement for all organisations.

Banks, mutual funds, and other financial institutions must go one step further in their customer due diligence by doing thorough KYC screening on potential clients.

All involved firms must keep accurate records and operate a competent AML compliance procedure inside their organisations.

Businesses must register for the exchange of financial information that will only be used for identification reasons.

Ultimate AML Compliance Solutions

The AML Screening solution makes AML compliance simple. It includes all of the capabilities that many organisations nowadays demand in a small Screening solution. The Linqsdata AML compliance solution has the following important characteristics that make it a worthwhile and value-generating investment for businesses:

Reduces friction in client onboarding by identifying people's identities in under a minute.

It has global coverage and can identify people's IDs from any part of the globe.

Complete anti-money laundering screening on your consumers using sanctions lists, PEPs, terrorist lists, and high-risk company listings.

Provides documentation of identity verification and anti-money laundering screening for each individual.

Linqsdata’s database is updated on a regular basis, lowering the chance of incorrect verification.

To summarise, non-compliance with AML laws is threatening to cost financial and fintech companies millions of dollars. Businesses engaging in financial services are required to implement Anti Money Laundering Screening processes at various intervals, regardless of which area of the world they operate in. Last but not least, regulatory compliances have never deceived a corporation; in fact, such expenditures provide value to the firm while also protecting it from fraud and identity theft.

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