What Makes AA Coins a Timeless Gift for Those Who Fight Addiction?

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בתאריך 5 אוגוסט, 2021

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What Makes AA Coins a Timeless Gift for Those Who Fight Addiction?

Fighting alcohol addiction is not easy, and for a recovering addict, life might never seem the same again. The social stigma and shame often become too much to bear, and this is when their friends and family have to come forward and provide them with the emotional strength to carry on their journey. Reaching the 12-year milestone is a very important occasion and a 12 year AA coin is one of the most special gifts you can gift to a recovering addict. Here is why.

Powerful Motivator

The 20 year AA coin is a powerful motivator and a reminder of all the years that an addict has put into the fight. Taking each day as it comes and not succumbing to alcohol is something that a recovering addict has to get used to for the rest of their life. The coin motivates them to keep doing that. These coins are often inscribed with inspirational quotes that encourage them to push every day without giving in.

Keeps Track of Recovery

The AA coins help an addict to keep track of how many days, weeks, months or years they have stayed clean. Keeping track of the time frame gives them a better perspective and helps them reach their next milestone. The struggle might be constant, but the coins make it more manageable.

Shows Solidarity

When someone gifts a 12 year AA coin to a recovering addict, it shows their solidarity with their person. It does not matter who the person is- it could be a friend, family, colleague or even the sponsor. It shows that the addict is ready to start the next phase of their lives, and those around them are ready to lend all the support they can.

Helpful Reminder

The 20 year AA coins are a reminder of the struggle that the recovering addict had to endure. Twenty years is not a short period, and many could have changed in the recovering addict's life. The addict might feel that they have completely left behind their days of addiction.

But something or someone confronts them from their past, and the memories are enough to trigger all that was dark and which made them turn to alcohol in the first place. The AA coins can be a helpful reminder to understand that they are not the same person anymore.

Continuing with the Program

The AA coins are a reminder that they should continue with the 12 step program or whatever they do to stay away from alcohol. Fighting addiction is difficult because a recovering addict's very body might induce them to give in. There is a voice screaming inside to pick up and empty the bottle. The coins will be a great source of comfort in such times and will induce them to continue with the program.

To those who are not aware of the struggles of addiction, the coins might not mean much. But to recovering addict and their families, it means the world to them. Acquiring a new coin after completing another milestone is another battle won.

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