Role of International Sustainable Development Companies & Energy and Environment Companies in Reduci

בתאריך 7 יוני, 2021

Role of International sustainable development companies & Energy and Environment Companies in reducing Global Warming

Role of International Sustainable Development Companies & Energy and Environment Companies in Reduci
Leading international companies are providing their support to sustainable development by making necessary improvements for battling the current pressing global warming issue and climate emergency.

Global warming is unequivocal across the globe. The climate change due to global warming, will have a wide impact on the environment and socio-economic sectors, including water resources, agriculture and food security, human health, terrestrial ecosystems, biodiversity and coastal zones.

To fight against climate change, the international community is taking action through mitigation and adaptation techniques. The climate change mitigation and adaptation are complementary approaches for reducing risks of climate change impacts over different time scales. These techniques looks similar, but they demonstrate very different things. Climate change mitigation measures will avoid and/or reduce GHG emissions; whereas, the climate change adaptation techniques will take the right measures to reduce the negative effects on environment by making appropriate adjustments and changes.

Many Climate Change Events are conducted by International sustainable development companies to create awareness and implement various mitigation and adaptation techniques for reducing global warming.

The effective implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures will require a transformative energy and environmental policies, action plans and substantial financial resources to lead towards a low carbon economy. Currently, the countries with different capacities are facing various challenges in implementing the policies and action plans. However, in cooperation with the international communities, the countries are building their capacity, enabling resources and laying down foundation for a sustainable development.

The Energy and Environment Companies work together with International sustainable development companies  to reduce the negative impact on environment and prevent climate change adverse effects. Clean and Renewable Energy Projects development is also one of the key areas they work on, as switching to renewable energy will reduce usage of fossil fuels which in turn will reduce carbon emission to a greater extent. County governments are also working along with these companies in implementing various mitigation and adaptation techniques in order to reduce global warming.

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