MDaemon to Exchange 2016 Migration – Instant and Direct Solution

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Read the article to find out the best MDaemon to Exchange 2016 Migration Tool. Move or import complete MDaemon to Exchange server 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

MDaemon to Exchange 2016 Migration – Instant and Direct Solution

Are here searching for a simple solution to MDaemon to Exchange 2016 migration? If yes, keep reading the article for the perfect solution. From here you will get the expertise third-party solution to migrate MDaemon to the Exchange server. 

Here I am pitching some of the user queries from a forum site. 

How Can I easily transfer all my MDaemon emails to Exchange Server 2019?

I am searching for a direct and easily MDaemon to Exchange migration on my Windows System. As I found multiple methods online, but most of them require numerous steps to import files. Could anyone give a simple and direct solution to move the email files from MDaemon to Exchange?

MDaemon and Exchange Server

MDaemon Email Server offers simple access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. MDaemon Mail allows users to send or receive email messages over a secured SSL or TLS connection. It supports all the Operation systems – Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

Microsoft Exchange well known as Exchange Server is a mail server. It works effortlessly on the Windows Operation System. The current version is Exchange 2016. MS Exchange Servers essentially adopts a protocol called MAPI to communicate with email clients. Afterward, it added support for IMAP, POP3, and EAS.

Considering the advanced features of the Exchange 2016 server users are more inclined to it. Here are some of the traits:

  • Faster Failure and Failover isolation
  • Simple Collaboration on SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Efficient in Hardware Utilization
  • Use Trial Version of the Tool

MDaemon to Exchange 2016 Migration Tool – Get Accurate Result

You can easily use a third-party tool – MDaemon Migration Tool to import emails from MDaemon to the Exchange server. Here you will get the steps and the features of the tool. Move Emails from MDaemon to Exchange Server 2016 including all the emails and attachments. The tool comes with easy to use software interface with 100% safe and accurate result. 

Use the Demo version

The Demo version of the utility comes with the trait to move around 20+ email files from each folder to the Exchange server directly. The main aim of the demo version is to give a complete understanding of how to use the tool. Whereas the tool has simple software GUI, thus you can go with the Pro version to migrate complete MDaemon Mail.  

How to Use the Tool

Following up are the procedure to Migrate MDaemon Mail to MS Exchange Server:

Step 1. Download the tool from the above link and start the application.

Step 2. Choose on Select Files or Select Folders to browse from source files.

Step 3. The converter service will display all folders in MDaemon files

and user data.

Step 4. From the File Saving options list choose the Exchange Server to option it. And setup Exchange Server field including Domain name, Password, Server Name, etc. 

Step 5. The utility also provides the Filters option on basis of Date Range, From, To, Subject. Users can also exclude Folders for selective folders.

Step 6. Once your setup MDaemon to Exchange Migration option clicks on the Convert button.

From here it is clear that the utility provides the simplest measure to migrate MDaemon to Exchange Server.

Why MDaemon to Exchange Migration Tool?

Here are some major traits that more users are looking for. Learn about the features of the Migration tool and decide whether you should have the tool.

Migrate unlimited MDaemon folders: Out of all the features offered by the tool, batch migration of MDaemon is more attractive to the user. Use the different upload option to Add the complete MDaemon folder from the default location. 

Selection Migration using Filter Option: Through the filter option moves selective MDaemon email file to Exchange server without causing any hassle to the process. The filter option comprises Date Range, Exclude folder, From, To, and Subject. You can also request more features. 

Migrate all Items from MDaemon: Import all the Emails messages, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc. to MS exchange server 2016. The application supports all the Exchange server versions such as Exchange Mail Server 2019, 2016, etc. 


The write-up gives you the exact solution to MDaemon to Exchange 2016, 2013, etc. The application gives a complete understanding of how to import/migrate the MDaemon to the MS Exchange server in batches or selective mode. Get 100% secure and safe transfer of email files with accurate results. 

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