Saving Money with Solar Water Heater and Solar Panels

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בתאריך 29 ינואר, 2021

The sun is the greatest energy source that exists and all that energy is free too. So what could be more logical than using solar energy?

Saving Money with Solar Water Heater and Solar Panels

The sun is the greatest energy source that exists and all that energy is free too. So what could be more logical than using solar energy? Many apartment buildings in particular are particularly suitable for the installation of solar boilers or solar panels due to their large roof surface. To immediately clear up a misunderstanding: the installations also work when the sun is not shining abundantly!

Solar water heater

A solar boiler heats the tap water via the solar collector, which means that the boiler uses less gas. Solar boilers have the combi-boiler as an external post-heater. This ensures that the hot water always has the right temperature, even when the sun is not shining. Moreover, this prevents the risk of legionella formation. In apartment buildings, collective systems are often used. They work the same as small systems, by the way. It is also possible to connect each apartment individually to the system. But this involves higher costs. The installers can tell you what the best solution in your situation is.

The so-called 'filled system' offers the most advantages: it is filled with coolant and therefore cannot freeze. The 'drain systems' lose their effect on cold days and they are also quite susceptible to failure. The filled system already works when the temperature difference between the water and the collector is 7 to 8 ºC. On beautiful winter days, you will therefore also take full advantage of the solar water heater (if there is no snow on the roof). An average apartment quickly saves $90 to $150 per year with a solar water heater. With rising gas prices, that advantage becomes even greater.

Solar panels

Solar panels to generate electricity are becoming more and more attractive. The price has fallen sharply and the quality of the panels has improved significantly. If you want to generate electricity via photovoltaic (PV) cells, or solar panels, you should choose the right company to work for you. Experts with good experience will calculate the minimum amount of electricity you need to generate for the common areas. You can of course also choose to generate more electricity, which you then feed back into the grid. There are conditions attached to this like you must turn off your solar water heater while you're out for vacations, but the installer can also inform you about this. Extra advantage: solar installations are low maintenance! Of course you are at all times free to choose your energy supplier; you are not bound by anything.


More and more people are choosing to make their homes more sustainable. This can be done, for example, by having a solar water heater installed on the roof. This solar water heater uses the sun to heat water, so that the central heating boiler does not need to heat as much. This boiler can be installed by a plumber. He can also help you reuse 'gray' or rainwater. This water is collected and can be reused, for example for flushing the toilet. Having these two applications installed by a plumber costs a lot of money, but it pays for itself over time. This is because you need to use considerably less energy every month and water consumption is also drastically reduced thanks to water reuse.

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