4 Key Advantages of Structural Foam Molding

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The manufacturing process can have a major impact on the overall production and considering this, you should be aware of the key advantages of structural foam molding.

4 Key Advantages of Structural Foam Molding

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There are barely such fields left where plastic parts are still not used. They are present almost everywhere because of some unique characteristics. Plastic is a durable material that lasts longer even in the harshest circumstances. Along with that, it's a lightweight material, which is another advantage of plastic parts. However, the point is that the manufacturing method can have a major impact on the quality of plastic products. So, you ought to choose the most suitable method for the manufacturing of plastic parts in your factory/company.

Injection molding is the most popular manufacturing method today, but there are multiple types of injection molding. We are here discussing the main advantages of Structural Foam Molding. In short, after reading this blog, you can easily decide whether you should hire the Structural Foam Molding service of China Casting Orlando or not.

  • In this manufacturing method, an inert gas (or a chemical blowing agent) is injected along with melted polymer into the mold, which is the key difference between structural foam molding and normal injection molding methods. This inert gas expands during injection process and that’s why end products have a foam-like core structure. Thus, the end products are light-weighted due to foam-like core structure.
  • You now know that this method is the best choice for the production of lightweight plastic parts. But the light weight doesn’t mean that the final products are weak. The outer walls remain thick and solid, which means you don’t have to worry about the strength of the plastic parts.
  • Since less plastic is used for the production and the waste material can be recycled as well, the overall manufacturing cost is considerably lower, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. A low production cost will let you sell your products at very affordable prices.
  • Another considerable advantage is that the final products have a precise surface finishing. Thus, there will be no need to spend money on additional surface finishing. So, you can earn a good profit without compromising on the quality of products.
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