10 Mobile App Marketing Expert Tips You Need in 2020

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The rising popularity of mobile app development in 2020 has enabled marketers to create dynamic approaches in mobile app marketing. With affordable mobile app devehlopment available in the market now, mobile app marketing has become the easiest to execute. A solid marketing strategy and a few marketing tools are all you need to step up your mobile marketing game. After all, mobile applications are the future of digital marketing.

10 Mobile App Marketing Expert Tips You Need in 2020


Many big corporations fail to execute app marketing strategies simply because they do not possess these 10 mobile app marketing expert tips that you are about to read!

  1. Build Relationships with Influencers

One great way to promote your application is through social media influencers. Most users download an application because it was recommended by their favorite or very well-known social media influencer! Picking out an influencer is difficult, as you have to choose an influencer who reflects your brand perfectly and has tons of active followers. The influencer and their followers should link up a compatible personality to the brand, to attract like-minded individuals! Influencers have a ton of strategies to promote your app. They tweet, post stories, review products, and post on the feed consistently using hashtags. 

  1. Build a Social Media Profile

Establishing a presence on social media is another great tactic to have in your pocket for mobile app marketing. It is one of the most convenient ways to establish your brand, the business, and your application! Being as active as you can be on your social media will give you the maximum attention you need and a greater advantage over other brands. You can answer product-related questions fast, and your followers would be grateful for that. 

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, having social media stars and influencers engage with your posts creates a huge impact in the marketing funnel of your application. It’s recommended to create a social media profile and engage actively in it, at least a month before the release of your application. In 30 days, you will have a stronger customer base who is anticipating the release of your app. 

Try to gain around 800 to 1000 followers by posting consistently and interacting with users about the app before it hits the App Store and Google Play Store.

  1. Use Business Cards with QR Codes

Even though establishing social media presence and collaborating with influencers is a great way to promote your app, nothing beats personalization. Personalizing experiences instantly connects the customer with the brand. Sending out personal business cards with a QR code to strangers out on the street, a subway, restaurant, or any place of your choice, sends another message that you are not only about online appearance but personal appearance as well. Additionally, business cards are inexpensive compared to other types of marketing strategies, such as flyers and newspaper ads!

  1. Give Out Free Merchandise of Your Application

It’s no rocket science that people love free stuff. Just like business cards, graphic designs free merch gives your potential customers a feeling about your fueled interest in them. Merch, like shirts, caps, mugs, and other types of stuff, will suffice. Make sure to put your brand’s logo and the name of your application on all the merch that you will be giving out. Prioritize quality when selling caps, t-shirts, and other materials, to set a positive impression on your potential customer. This type of promotion has proven to work wonders in the marketing world. 

  1. Build Viral Mechanics into Your Application

Feedback is valuable for customers and developers alike. Allowing people to share it with their family and friends as well as leave a short review will help boost self-promotion easily. You’d have your user following promote your application. Enabling the application to be shared with friends and family can certainly help your initial growth, which is a crucial stage in the sales and marketing funnel.

  1. Use Voice Search Optimization

The voice search feature on your phone is very trendy nowadays because typing is more time consuming and tiring than using your voice to search for something. Half of the searches made in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are done by voice! Using voice search optimization in SEO by using long keywords is an excellent and underrated marketing strategy that can do wonders for your mobile app.

  1. Take Time with Your App Store Optimization

A short and straightforward paragraph for your application’s description has a huge effect on your download rates on a large scale! Many applications have bullet points as their description, which is the easiest way to get their potential customers uninterested in the application. Try including the keywords of your application as well as your brand to personify your app and make sure it can be listed in the exact category that you want it to be. It only takes a couple of small and straightforward sentences to convince people to download your application.

  1. Make Use of Mobile Ads

Incorporating mobile ads in your strategy can significantly boost your brand’s awareness. You could add videos, pictures, or a small interactive game to gain people’s attention.

  1. Rely on E-Mail Marketing

Even though people think E-mail is an old-school marketing strategy, that is not the case! You can use your brand’s website to have people subscribe to your newsletter, which includes regular updates about the brand, new features on the app, promotions, and offers, and much more! 

  1. Use Affiliated Marketing Strategies

Just like an influencer, your brand’s silent partners or investors can promote your application. Affiliated marketing normally consists of a commission that the investors or silent partners receive upon promoting your application. One way of doing this is by using referrals with a unique code of the partners/investors for every person that downloads the application.

Up Your Marketing Game Now!

Use these expert mobile application marketing strategies to move ahead of the competition, especially for the initial growth of your brand and application.

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