Natural Wraps’ Leads The Way On Scotland’s Green Agenda With The Launch Of Eco-Friendly Handmade

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Of Eco-Friendly Handmade Food Wraps

Natural Wraps’ Leads The Way On Scotland’s Green Agenda  With The Launch Of Eco-Friendly Handmade

‘100% natural wraps offer an alternative to damaging plastic waste’

Ayrshire SCOTLAND, Tuesday 30th June 2020 – Against the backdrop of a global health crisis and worldwide uncertainty, a Scottish based business is working hard to support the green agenda by announcing the launch of a brand new range of natural food wraps, designed to remove the need for plastic food wrapping at home.


‘Natural Wraps’ have established a foothold in the niche of sustainable handmade wax wraps, with a driving ethos of supporting the planet by reducing the need for environmentally damaging plastics. Through the brand new product line, ‘Natural Wraps’ are looking to help highlight the 100% natural, safe and effective alternatives to plastic and demonstrate how small changes can have big impacts.  

Natural Wrap’s Duncan Smith commented: “We passionately believe in supporting our planet and the ecosystems that we place at risk, through the over-use of mass plastics. Global warming, pollution and the destruction of natural habitats are very real problems of today - problems that we’ve all contributed to. We understand that ‘zero waste’ is unrealistic for many, but even the smallest of changes can have huge benefits in the long run. This is why we’ve designed our new range of natural food wraps to show that we no longer have to rely on damaging plastic waste.”

Made by hand on the stunning Ayrshire coast, the company’s new range focuses on a broad variety of natural beeswax and vegan rice bran food wraps, perfect for keeping food fresh with zero waste. Available in a range of sizes,’ Natural Wraps’ also offer a design-your-own wrap service, where customers can personalise their wraps quickly and easily.


Duncan Smith continued: “The advantages of natural food wraps over plastic are endless – not only are our wraps reusable time and time again, but they’re 100% natural, eco-friendly, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial and are bio-degradable once they’re finished with. The new range means homes across the UK need never turn to harmful clingfilm again!”


‘Natural Wraps’ are dedicated to improving the health of the planet and believe wholeheartedly that if everybody makes a small contribution by avoiding unnecessary waste, the positive effect on the planet, its wildlife and our environment will be huge for generations to come.


For further information or to see the new range of natural wraps, please visit the official website at

About Natural Wraps:

Natural Wraps are made by hand on the Ayrshire coast. We don't like plastic, it's yucky, as our Lord and Saviour David Attenborough tells us. Our wraps are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their plastic use. What makes them so ace? All the wraps are made from 100% natural ingredients. We use natural Pine Resin to help them cling, and Jojoba Oil to make them nice soft. They're fully reusable, just give them a quick wash in the sink with soap and cold water, and once dry they're good to use again...and again…and again. They should last around year, and then they're fully compostable.

Media Contact:

Contact: Duncan Smith
Tel: +44 (0) 7484 878875




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Natural Wraps’ Leads The Way On Scotland’s Green Agenda  With The Launch Of Eco-Friendly Handmade
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