Definition Essay

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A definition essay talks about the definition of an object or a subject.

Definition Essay

How to write impressive definition essays

A definition essay talks about the definition of an object or a subject. But considering the fact that most definitions can be compressed into one or two lines, it is not easy to fill up a considerable amount of space to define something. So how do you fill so many pages defining a topic? It is simple enough; even though you will define the matter in a sentence, the rest of the space will be used to justify the definition you have put together.


Putting together a good definition

Definition EssayDefinition essays are aimed at evaluating how much the students have understood about the topic; only if you have studied the topic well enough, would you be able to define it accurately. Even though this type of essays falls in the list of comparatively easy type of assignments, you will need to put certain factors together to form an impressive essay on definition.


1. An impressive thesis: Even though essays can be put together using your existing knowledge of the topic, it will make your essay more interesting if you have some original ideas to present. You can make do with your views on an existing definition of the topic but that would make your essay extremely unimpressive and repetitive. On the other hand, a definition which you have thought up as a result of your study would make your essay interesting to the readers.


2. Narrow approach: The more generalized the topic is, the tougher it would be to define. Hence, choose a topic which is narrow enough for you to precisely define. Generalized topics can also be defined but you will find it very difficult to write an essay defining a generalized topic as there would be nothing much to focus on. A narrow topic with a clear focus would be most ideal.


3. Detailed explanations: The definition you present would be a sum total of what you have learned about the topic; your reader would be totally new to the definition you present. Hence, be very clear about how you reached such a conclusion about the topic. Use techniques like exemplification which can make it easier for the audience to understand.


4. Clear presentation: The clarity of communication is extremely important while you are expressing your view of something. Hence, use simple words and sentences to convey the matter in your definition essay. Complex words and long sentences don’t make things any better unless you and your audience are highly proficient in the language.


5. Flawless language: Even the slightest errors in grammar, sentence structure, spelling or punctuations can change the whole meaning of a sentence. And while you are defining a topic, you cannot afford to make such a mistake. Flaws in the language can either make your thesis totally meaningless or convey an incorrect meaning, ruining the whole purpose of the essay.


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