Cedar Oil

בתאריך 20 יולי, 2020

“Cedarwood” is another term that has been coined for an essential oil known as Cedar oil. This essential oil is extracted from various types of junipers and cypresses and belongs to the family Cupressaceae. Furthermore, this oil is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, art, and perfume industries respectively. In addition, this oil also comprises of “bactericidal” and “pesticidal” properties. This oil is basically extracted from the wood, roots, stumps, or foliage regions of coniferous trees.

Cedar Oil

A. Chemical constituents of Cedar Oil:

This oil is extracted from trees such as junipers and cypresses belonging to the “Cupressaceae” family in the plant kingdom. Furthermore, this oil basically comprises of organic compounds such as “cedrol” and “cedrene”.

B. The uses and benefits of Cedar Oil:

There are few benefits to using this essential oil. However, one should also consider the adverse reactions or side effects reported from its use:

  1. Antiseptic: Useful in treating external “wounds” this oil possesses an “antiseptic” property which thereby enables the destruction of disease causing microorganism.
  2. Anti-inflammatory: This oil also consists of curative properties that can help reduce pain generated by “inflammation” in joints and tissues.
  3. Antirheumatic: The disease “Rheumatoid arthritis” can be inhibited by the use of this oil since it possesses “antirheumatic” properties.
  4. Antiseborroeic: “Seborrhoeic Eczema” a condition caused by the over secretion of the “sebaceous gland” can be treated using this oil since it possesses “antiseborroeic” properties.
  5. Decongestant: This oil is also useful in treating “chest congestion” by clearing out the lungs and thereby serving as an ideal “decongestant”.

 C. The adverse effects of the Cedar Oil:

Now, along with a few benefits that this oil provides there exist also are a few adverse effects that one needs to understand. They are as follows:

  1. The use of this oil could lead to skin irritation especially in those individuals with sensitive skin.
  2. Like many other oils this oil too can severely affect pregnancy and, hence pregnant women must avoid using it.
  3. This oil when used may also stimulate an “asthma attack”, and hence “asthmatics” must avoid using it.

This use of this oil could also cause damage to the kidneys and liver, and hence must be used in the proper dosage.

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