How to Infuse Empathy into Your Content Marketing Efforts?

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בתאריך 20 אפריל, 2020

Content marketing efforts can be much more effective when you incorporate empathy into them, and there are specific ways to do that.

How to Infuse Empathy into Your Content Marketing Efforts?

Empathy means the capacity to understand and share others’ feelings. When you introduce that into content marketing, it means you have to put the needs of your audience first before giving your brand message to them. When you do that successfully, you can address an issue and also go deeper to access their emotions and perspectives and connect with them at a deeper level. Here are some easy ways to make your content marketing more special with empathy.

Create a marketing persona

You need to execute psychographic mapping of each member of your target audience, so as to know who they actually are. This can be done by asking some questions to them about their life, dreams, goals etc. The better you can understand them, the more easily you can detect marketing opportunities. It is a good idea to create various marketing personas for yourself, based on which you may develop your content strategies.

Create ideas upon personas

You have to create some rough ideas on the basis of the personas that you have created. Use the resources and tools available at your disposal to refine the same ideas, so that you can develop relevant and meaningful content to target customers with. Try to know the search queries of users on lookup engines such as Google check other industry publications and look at events calendars.

Spend more time knowing your customers

When it comes to empathetic content marketing, you have to follow a “customer-first” approach at all times. Reduce the time that you spend in delivering brand messages and increase the time that you think about and listen to your target audience. Occasionally, you can request them to download your e-book or sign up for your newsletter. But your focus should be on creating compelling and attractive content to your customers, and knowing about them as much as possible. Visit this website if you are interested in hiring a local SEO expert.

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