Artisan Kraft White Marble Fireplace - Essential Tips for Regular Maintenance

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A beautiful white marble fireplace is the perfect elegant addition to your living room.

Artisan Kraft White Marble Fireplace - Essential Tips for Regular Maintenance

A beautiful white marble fireplace is the perfect elegant addition to your living room. It enhances the interior décor, giving the room a royal feel. If you are planning to incorporate one in your house, then Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is a reliable webstore that has an extensive inventory of marble fireplaces, cast stone surrounds and many more in exquisite designs.

The marble fireplace after installation might look pretty, however, it does take proper care. It doesn’t take much time for it and will keep the visual appeal.

A marble fireplace does not need significant maintenance and care to prevent discoloration. Simply wash the deposits of ashes, soot, and other stains with a cloth or sponge and warm water. Being made of stone, it will last for decades to come, but to not lose the luster and shine keep it clean. Ultimately, a dirty fireplace can compromise the look and feel of your overall interior décor.

Marble by nature tends to be porous and can absorb soot, grime and moisture. That’s why it needs a maintenance regimen, following which will can extend the longevity of the fireplace.

Marble Mantels & Fireplace Maintenance

Here are a few tips for you to follow while taking care of your white marble fireplace:

Ash Disposal and Sufficient Airflow

While it is true that build-up of coal and ash is beneficial to burn wood fireplaces, nevertheless it should not cross a couple of inches. A well-ventilated firebox ensures that the smoke dissipates upwards, without causing you any breathing trouble, while the ash settles beneath the smouldering flame. Once you see that the ash pile is crossing the required amount, you need to clear the excess. Continue with the practice a few times every day and it keeps the fireplace clean.

Regular Cleaning

The marble fireplace needs regular cleaning as well. For that, you should use special formulations suitable for stones like marble and granite. Using anything else (harsh chemicals) might cause a reaction with the stone and lead to its degradation or damage. It is best to use a soft cloth and water to wipe down the ash and soot. For stains, however, you might need a specially formulated solvent, easily available in local stores. 

Marble Mantle Stains Removal

Mantle stains are most prevalent, as it is not uncommon for someone to spill their tea, coffee, hot cocoa or wine while standing in front of it. Even when there is no fire, people generally tend to keep their empty glasses, wine and beer bottles near that area, making it an ideal spillage zone. You can prevent that by providing a dedicated place or corner and directing everyone to use it for disposal or provide ample coasters. If that does not work, then you always have a specially formulated marble cleaner to wipe off the stains and save your white marble fireplace and mantel.

Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is a popular website that not only offers beautiful white marble fireplaces, cast stone mantel, and fireplaces, etc. but it also comes with an inventory of tools and accessories that helps you take good care of your fireplace. For more information on their offerings visit

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