?How does CRO work

בתאריך 29 ינואר, 2020

The following article discusses a unique conversion rate optimization method and approach. The holistic approach. What does that mean and what is considered a true holistic user journey? Click to find out

?How does CRO work

The typical answer to this question is almost always focused on the optimization of the website and landing pages. Optimization means making small changes to the website and landing pages in order to maximize the conversion rate.

My answer is going to be divided into 2 parts:

  1. How conversion rate optimization works in AlgoSod

  2. How is it different than the rest

First, everything starts with research and analysis. However, we don’t just analyze the user behavior on the web pages. Don’t get me wrong, the website and landing pages are a big part of CRO, but they are not the only piece of the puzzle. We review every digital touchpoint in terms of dry numbers as well as user engagement. Including but not limited to: ads, emails, newsletters, sales department, chat usage and content, customer service data, customer support data. And why we do all of this?

Because AlgoSod believes in a holistic full-funnel buyer journey.

Once we researched and looked at google analytics as well as watched the recorded sessions of our users we start finding the issues in the journey.

For example, for a client in the eLearning industry, we noticed that many users abandon the form when they got to the Skype name field and it was marked as mandatory. We saw this info using Hotjar (one of our favorites, really lets you walk in your customers’ shoes).

We used Skype for sales calls after the webinar. But in the same form, we also requested the phone number. So we realized that we can forgo the Skype name if we leave the phone number is mandatory.

Side note: We also took the opportunity to learn about our audience. They were mostly baby boomers and we realized that many either didn’t have Skype at all or just did not remember their Skype name.

So, once we realized people don’t want to input this info and we didn’t really need it because we had the phone numbers, we made the Skype field optional and the form abandonment decreased by 15% almost instantly.

This is just one example of a small issue along the user journey which resulted in an immediate impact on the conversion rate. Before AlgoSod got in the picture, the webinar conversion rate was 3%, after we made the change to the form the ROI increased by 15%.

Another move we made was to create a personalized exit popup combined with human chat to upsell. The big money came from here where we added another $60K to the bottom line, that was translated into a 10% increase in revenue.

I think that the 2 examples I provided show the heart and soul of how AlgoSod views and handles Conversion rate optimization. We used popups and made the chat an active part of the sales process.

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