We are hiring a Rockstar Employer

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We are hiring a Rockstar Employer

We're hiring! Our small company is looking to expand.

If you are an Amazing Employer who wants to work with an exciting team, keep reading!

We are looking for an Active Employer that shares our moral values:

- Cooperation

- Fairness

- Honesty

- Integrity

- Respect

- Tolerance

It would be a plus if you have the following:

- Significant employer experience, with a proven track record in looking beyond a CV.

- The ability to consult with the employee, advising on better processes when needed

- Give clear instructions

- Know how to handle a creative employee who will come up with new ideas for improvement

- Have a sense of humor

- Willing to teach an employee new things



- To ensure constant work

- To ensure a monthly payment

- To develop a friendly relationship with the employee

- To communicate in an efficient manner


Payment and perks:

You will be repaid with fantastic services, a long term collaboration, and 100% involvement. Weekly bonuses consisting of free advice or ideas

Monday to Friday schedule and legal holidays off

No overtime, we believe in quality, not quantity

On Fridays, everyone enjoys movie projections

Meet the team:

FOUNDER - Johanna B

A creative, passionate person, with strong moral values. Her strong personality helped her build this small company, where clients are people that need help and not financial figures.


Johanna - An engaging leader with a great ability to learn from past experiences. She learned from past mistakes, and she knows how to prevent them from happening again. As a leader, she holds strong communication skills. She motivates the team, helping our employees complete projects on time.



Johanna B and Johanna

Both are happy to work here, and they absolutely love their upper management.


So join us today! Hit the message button and send us your application.

Our recruiters will review it and will come back to you as soon as possible.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we are unable to provide any feedback on those unsuccessful.

We are hiring a Rockstar Employer
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