Site Optimization

מאת Sam Cherry
בתאריך 25 נובמבר, 2019

A few quick tips on Site Optimization.

Site Optimization

Key word optimizing

The step of key word optimizing is the most important, as key words bring the success of a site in the world of the internet. Key words can’t be chosen at random. They must be searched carefully, in order to represent the reference object of the site. The optimizing of key words consists in detailed analyses and researches, which, if they are correctly introduced in the text on a page with using the call recorder and the source code of the pages, will lead to a considerable growth of the visitors traffic.

Meta tags sites optimizing

Metas are tags which present specific details about a site, such as: a description, the author, key words, the language in which the text is written, etc. Some years before they were very popular, because search engines used to take them into account, but nowadays, when search engines are highly advanced, they are not very important and some of them are even ignored by some search engines. However, the optimizing of meta tags brings more quality contents towards indexing.

Page title optimizing

The title of the page represents one of the most important elements in a web page. The optimizing of the title will bring more target visitors, who are interested in what the site sells, offers, presents, etc. The optimizing of the title of a page is also a step which supposes analysis and research.

Site text optimizing

The step of text optimizing consists in introducing some special tags in the source code of the pages, and so, some words and even sentences become more important then the rest of the text. During this optimizing step, the text can be rearranged on the page.

Site links optimizing

The optimizing of the links may consist in introducing links or removing some of them from the page. Links establish the connection between the pages so they represent one of the most important elements in the optimizing process.

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