Decorate the Yellow Gold Pot Vase with a Terriffic Twist

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בתאריך 22 אוגוסט, 2019

Give yellow gold pot vase a look that will add charm to your home decor and make your vase look completely different from the usual decorating looks.

Decorate the Yellow Gold Pot Vase with a Terriffic Twist

Vases and planters have long been used as containers to keep flowers and plants in your living room but for quite sometime now the decoration ideas of the vases have been transformed to an extent. Today the people aren’t bothered to only keep flowers or plants in vases, they are more open to decorate vases differently and want to give them a different look. For instance the vase called yellow gold pot vase which has ceramic touch and bright finish when kept and decorated in a different look gives an exotic touch to the overall decor of the home. Today vases come in different design, colours and shapes and all of these features make the vases look beautiful when kept beautifully in living rooms. Now here in this blog, we will highlight two of the decorating ideas that you can apply for the yellow gold pot vase and make it look appealing.

Keep it in Groups

Now you can cluster yellow gold pot vase in groups of three or four and can keep them on corner tables along with some lamps which can throw light on vases and can highlight their beauty to a great extent. Even if you have some other vases, then also this technique will work and give your vases a great look and add a charming quotient to your home decor. If you want to make the decoration richer then you can put some stones near the vases and can make them even more alluring.

Keep it on Desks

Styling desks with a different look is everyone’s aspiration as they want to have different look and feel while doing work on desks.So to make your desks quite exciting, we have an idea for you and that is you can keep yellow gold pot vase on the desk along putting some decorating material on it. Doing so will give the vase a totally different look and will also enhance your desk appearance to a greater extent.

So these were the two ideas that could make the look of the yellow gold pot vase completely different and also help you in having a different type of decoration with vases.


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