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a Timber wood contractor due to his extraordinary size at Reemkholi village, he recommended his name to Guinness world record.


In this article you will acknowledge the smallest person in the world.


In the mountains of Nepal lived the smallest person of the world known as Chandra Bahadur Dangi, according to Guinness World Records Dangi Stands 21.5 inches only. Dangi lived in Reemkholi village about 250 miles outside Kathmandu. He was born on 30th November in 1939 at Salyan District in Nepal later shifted to Reemkholivillage in Dangi District, he was born like other normal children his weight and height were normal at the time of his birth but with the pacing time her mother observed that other children are growing faster than him later he was diagnosed with a medical condition known as ‘Primordial Dwarfism’ characterizes stunted growth, restricting the body to small size from birth to death.

Before being famous Dangi lived a very simple lifestyle and earned his livelihood by making namlo- a jute basket that is strapped over the head and carried over one’s back.In 2012 Dangi was noticed by a Timber wood contractor due to his extraordinary size at Reemkholi village, he recommended his name to Guinness world record.

For the first time Chandra Bahadur Dangi travelled to Kathmandu 400 km away to get its height evaluated by Guinness world record officials, after being attributed and analyzed results stated that Dangi is the World’ssmallest person living and finally Chandra Bahadur Dangi’s name was punched in the records book.The title of world’s smallest person changed his life and his eagerness to travel around the world was fulfilled by the GWR and he travelled many countries.

 At the age of 72 Dangi received the award of twin certificates for the being the smallest individual existing and for being the world’s smallest person in Guinness book’s records history.

Dangi’s wish to become famous and travel all around the world came true. In 2012 he met words smallest female Jyoti Amge hailing from Nagpur Maharashtra in India. They both were featured in the Guinness World Record Books 57th edition which was published in 2013.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi also visited London in 2014 to share the frame with world’s tallest person Sultan Kosen on 13th November 2014 at Guinness WorldRecordsDay.

Dangi was a veryhumble and kind hearted man he stated in an Interview with The Telegraph that “I am honored to visit London and meeting Sultan makes it even more special. I am very happy as I represent my country Nepal for this title and I am humbled by the support I am getting from the team.”


Dangi caught Pneumonia while he was travelling with the troupe of Tupa’l Bruno’s Magic circus in American Samoa. He passed away at Lyndon B.Johnson Tropical Medical Center in Pago, Pago on 3rd September 2015. His body was taken back to Nepal by his family members for his last rites.

Dangi was the Smallest Person In The World but became bigger than his name.

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