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There are severalvehicles that adds adventure and enormous beauty of speed to his compendium. Below here are listed several speedy vehicles from his collection


Bill Gates is known as the world’s richest man and Microsoft techie, he is famous around every nook and corner of the world. He now dedicates his majority of time for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he is working to improve the life of people by focusing on extreme poverty, health care issues, expanding education opportunities and access to information technology.

He is a man with a golden heart doing a lot to improve the life of people and standard of living but do you know that thePhilanthropist BillGates owns a deep passion and love for speed, he has huge collection of amazing vehicles in his car collection.

One would surely fall in love with amazing, fascinating and interesting Bill Gates Cars collection. There are severalvehicles that adds adventure and enormous beauty of speed to his compendium.  Below here are listed several speedy vehicles from his collection

Maybach 62s Landaulet- $1.4 million

Tesla Model X- $145,000

Audi R8- $250,000

Lamborghini Aventador-$600,000

Bugatti Veyron- $1.7 millions

Porsche 911 Carrera- $110,000

Porsche 959 Coupe- $150,000

Mercedes Van Marco Polo- $90,000

Cadillac Escalade- $100,000

Corvette Limo- $100,000

FORD FOCUS-2008:  Gates was seen many times riding in his ford focus to and from Microsoft offices, for many years he travelled in his Ford.

Bill Gates cars passion is immense he his huge fan of German cars, yes you guessed right its Porsche. He owns three models, Porsche 911 Carrera 1991model, Porsche 930 and Porsche 959 Coupe.


Bill gates no longer own this model as in 2012 he auctioned it on estimated value $62,000 but actually it was sold for $ 80,000 to a German Business.  He acquired  Porsche 911 Carrera in 1979. This German model features 3.3 liter engine, providing 300 hp and 60 mph in just 5 seconds. It’s a fast speed car with amazing design loved by most people.


Bill Gates another German love isPorsche 930 produced between 1975 and 1989, it is available as a 2 door or a 2+2 Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa and speedster. It features only two types of engines 3.0 liter and 3.3 liter with different production years, American owners of Porsche can go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of only 5.2 seconds and has a maximum speed of 153 miles per hour. It is the best ever production car from the German automaker.


There is a long story associated with this 959 Porsche, this model was banned on American roads as the crash ratings were known, Bill gates cars could not ensemble this model for 10 years as it retained with customs at the Seattle airport but finally when former American president Bill Clinton lifted the ban and passed the Show and Display law for collectible number of cars which  included Bill Gates Porsche 959 too for which he was passionate and eager and finally enjoyed thesweet fruits of long wait and patience.

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