בתאריך 22 יולי, 2018

מתכנת JAVA וPHP בעל שנות ניסיון


Java developer with competency in JavaScript, Node.JS, PHP, Ruby On Rails, with 5+ years personal experience. Additional competency with databases, networking, game server backend development in Java. Worked as a full-stack Web Developer and served the Israeli Air Force as a Java Software Developer. 

[2017] – [2018] Full-Stack Web Developer | RenualSoftware B.V | Remote-Job 
Full stack Ruby On Rails and PHP web developer, including a lot of work with PostgreSQL and MySQL environments, and a lot of work with external APIs, Git. 
[2016] – [2018] Software Developer | Israeli Air Force | Tel-Aviv 
Back-end and Front-end software development in Java, Swing. Work around complex algorithms, working with un-classified weather radars, including a lot of work with Linux and file management and databases and software architecture.  
2014  Game Content Developer | SoulSplit Pianco Holding B.V | Remote Job 
Back-end Game content development in Java, working parallel with MySQL databases and Git. Working with game networking (Packet decoding & handling, and such)

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