To Generation Y the term ‘work’ is not a place, it’s what you do

בתאריך 25 נובמבר, 2016

To Generation Y the term ‘work’ is not a place, it’s what you do

To Generation Y the term ‘work’ is not a place, it’s what you do

Hi, my name is Itay and i have been a professional designer/animator/web developer for 16 years now, and up until 3 years ago I only ever worked as a traditional full-time employee. I’ve worked for big companies (1,500 employees) .

3 years ago i my father passed away and at that time i made a decision to be a freelancer and to take myself out from organizations as an employee and start working with organizations / big and small businesses / personal clients - the options expended!!

here are some facts i learned back at 2013 and helped me dicede to be a freelancer:

  • By 2020 freelancers are expected to make up 50% of the full-time work force. Why are more us choosing to break away from the nine-to-five?
  • In the last five years alone, the average earnings for freelancers have increased by 50%.
  • When everything you need is inside your computer, your place of work becomes very fluid: it becomes wherever you want it to be. This is a concept Generation Y truly embrace. You could be in a cafe in Paris, in a co-working space with other freelancers, or on a train through snow-topped mountains and still can chat to your client and carry out projects.With direct communication via Skype, Google Hangouts or instant messaging, face-time is becoming a thing of the past and with tools like Google Docs you can even discuss your work with the client or other freelancers directly on the work itself making each project a truly collaborative one.

Itay Ganot

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