Katana Colectivo - film, video and animation production

בתאריך 26 יולי, 2016

Coming up with an alternative to communicate your ideas, brand or business in an effective, creative and powerful way.

Katana Colectivo - film, video and animation production

Katana Colectivo is a group of visual artists that want to help you communicate your idea to the world through creative techniques that involve film, animation and video production. 

We've been working for 4 years now and we are looking for life changing projects around the world to be part of. 

Katana Colectivo started with shorfilms productions. Some of them ended up in film festivals in countries like Germany, Spain, Brasil, Cuba, etc. 

We have 4 basic principles: 

Be Honest: We only work with projects that are looking to improve mankind or offer something good for humanity.

Be poweful: we like our products to feel powerful in the end, and to leave a feeling of greatness in the audience.

Buddy system: You can trust us. Our best interest is you. Our client needs its the most important thing, so we are always going to be honest with you. We'll tell you when something is working correctly, and when it is not so we can do something about it and bring you a solution.

Tell good stories: We'll be risky, clever, emotive and original.

We love telling stories, so let us tell yours in a creative and professional way.


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