Intel Evo Laptop: Here's What You Can Expect from It

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Evo” is a certification from Intel, where Intel specifically makes sure that the Laptop with “Evo” tag meets some basic requirements like Thunderbolt, x-seconds boot time, x-hours battery and so on.

Intel Evo Laptop: Here's What You Can Expect from It

The Intel "Evo" platform is a marketing rebranding. It is the transition of Project Athena, a program for Intel's partner manufacturers to create thin, long-lasting, efficient laptops. The Project Athena-based laptop designs offer an immersive experience (greater performance and power efficiencies, privacy, and security), and bring higher standards for micro-mobility, speed, and processing power to your workflow. Intel Evo Laptops enhance your focus, work productivity, and quality of all that you do.

If you’ve ever heard about this innovative redesigned laptop platform, you may be wondering about the top Intel Evo devices available for sale in the market. In this post, we’re going to give you a quick refresher on the features of the Intel "Evo" platform and help you understand what you can expect from Intel Evo Laptops.

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What is special about Intel Evo Laptops?

Evo is Intel's new platform for laptops and PCs. It's not a new chip, but a leading-edge standard for chips, screens, graphics, connectivity, and other features. Intel Evo devices 'are designed to keep up with today's fast-paced lifestyle.' Apart from great performance, these premium laptops are extremely lightweight and featured to offer great battery life. They give as much as double the clock speed of previous-gen chips. They also deliver up to 2.7x faster photo editing and super-sharp Iris Xe and Iris Plus graphics.

What else? Intel Evo laptops pack a new base level of 8GB of memory and are light and thin.  They have a 15 mm or slimmer body for easy mobility. They ramp up the speed of web browsing and incredibly reinforce fast speeds for Zoom calls.

A Game Changer in the Laptop Market

  • Responsiveness: Every laptop that is designed based on the new Intel Evo Platform is packed with more power and flow to the applications you use every day. So, you’re able to get going, improve work productivity, and get even complex tasks done with ease wherever you are.
  • Instant wake: A new fleet of powerful sleek laptops that wake from sleep in less than a second, claimed by Intel. The Evo platform-based devices are perfectly featured and are ready right when you open up or touch a key. Some laptops even respond the moment they see your face.
  • Battery life: The battery life of Intel Evo-powered laptops is for the real world. Even if you run a myriad number of applications, stream media on FHD displays or you’re engaged in intense toggling, the Intel Evo platform-based laptops have the capacity of providing 9 or more hours of battery life. For longer days, a quick 30-minute charge gives you four more hours.
  • Intelligent collaboration: Intel has added what it describes as Intelligent Collaboration.’ This capability is especially fascinating as it emphasizes delivering high-end video and premium audio to the video conferencing experience. Video collaboration with an Evo laptop has taken a new norm, so these demonstrated designs allow better remote work and learning experiences. 

To be precise, an Intel Evo Laptop can run multiple collaboration apps at the same time with no weird impact on lessening overall system performance, responsiveness, and battery life. Taking it a step further, the Connectivity Performance Suite of Intel uses AI and the company’s WiFi 6E implementation for optimizing the wireless network experience while managing crucial communication traffic. WiFi 6 speeds of 9.6 Gbps deliver up to 250% faster internet connections.

Immersive Laptop and Desktop Designed With Users In Mind

  • Privacy: The feature-packed Evo laptop comes with walk-away lock functionality, helping users to protect their data, information, and file privacy from passersby.
  • Prepared: Business desktops are designed in a way to sense your presence and authenticate you automatically, thereby keeping you free from password frustration.
  • Engagement: Dynamic noise suppression and simplified cable connections promote more immersive collaboration experiences.

Fast Charge and Speedy Processing

In addition to exceptionally light-speed photo/video editing and fast Intel processors, Evo laptops deliver remarkably faster charging, up to 20% more battery life. Only a 30-minute charge and you can get 4 or more hours of battery life on laptops with Full HD display. So getting more work done in short bursts without waiting is no longer a big challenge.

The laptops powered by the Evo platform have the capability to manage daily tasks 20% faster when compared with non-Evo devices. They are the perfect choice for serious gamers who love these innovative models as they crank out double the frames-per-second (fps) rates on popular games, naming Borderlands 3 and Far Cry New Dawn.


Laptops have made big strides over the last few years in terms of power, portability, and battery life. Though we cannot solely or directly give credit to Project Athena. But we can also not deny the fact that Project Athena of Intel provides some sort of standardization within the laptop market, and specifically among manufacturers of Intel-branded and Windows-based laptops. And it is not something that a large number of laptop buyers are aware of. The goal is invariably to make laptops more portable and last longer.









Intel Evo Laptop: Here's What You Can Expect from It
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